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5 Things that online teaching brands can do on mobiles to engage audiences

Applications don’t just do marketing; they serve as sales tools for large enterprises like schools who really want to bring their teaching business online like every one doing now .
Mobiles are the only media channel which are growing more in effectively everywhere especially in online teaching businesses. In this smartphone technology, many teaching businesses still don’t understand how mobile apps fit in with their overall marketing strategy.
Only having apps in the market is not enough when your competitors are already in a market and doing well. In every business most important thing they need to know is how to engage audiences with app. It will be the greatest challenge for your online teaching businesses.
online teaching brands can do on mobiles to engage audiences

1. Intro Week of your apps

Impressing your audience with your apps is very harder. Your first impression is the best impression. To draw the attention of the audience at the time of on-boarding you need to make some strategy like highlight app features so that your audience get to know what all features they are using.
It’s your first impression, make your audience love your app.

2. Make Deal & Grab Your Audience

Who don’t love promotions, opportunities, offers ? Since mobile is the dominant media channel, and mobile ads perform five times more than online ads. Create mobile-specific promos which creates a feeling of exclusivity that prompts your audience. Example : Suppose you having online courses and you want to sell and make your revenue more. Give some offers or promotions to your lovely students through push- notifications. make them to opt-in.

3. Make Re-engagement campaign

If you really don’t want to lose your users after downloading your app also , then you must retarget your audience. Retargeting ads are a great way to get users back into your app and re-engaged with your brand. Retargeting ads have a very strong performance record, including high click-through rates.

4. Use Push-notifications in your online teaching businesses

Push notifications are very inexpensive way to connect with customers directly without having to spend money on advertising. This is especially useful to keep your online teaching school learners connected, rather than annoyed by being bombarded with alerts, emails, etc. Your first objective after all is to add importance to consumer’s lives. Push notifications can be used to grab your customers attentions back to your app. In fact, users who enable push messages are up to three times more likely to launch the app.

Create push notifications  such a way that, it should be relevant to your users needed . For example, an online teaching school can send alerts about new courses and offers on courses, on which users more interested.

5. Stop boring messages and send videos where it needs

If you get same messages over and over in one of the apps, then surely you will uninstall that app. Sending boring messages over and over again your graph of deleting of your app line will go up.

You can use some alternate standard messages with rich media – like videos, gif images, audios . So consider giving your audience something fun to watch that entertains or provides utility to boost engagement. (for example, a training video of your online courses)

In today’s modern world, people are either asleep or connected. So connect with your users. Janice H. Reinold, Rosetta Marketing

You can see many online platforms which will help you to create your own branded apps in online teaching businesses. Apart from them Learnyst app provides :

  • All effective marketing features which are required in online teaching business to hold your audiences.
  • Easy steps to create your online teaching school and sell your courses in few minutes.
  • More effective features like Push messages, In-app Messages, SMS notification to engage more audiences.

The priciest and sexiest mobile apps is worthless if it doesn’t fulfill its strategic objective of keeping your target audience engaged with your brand.


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