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How to find a name for your coaching centre in 60 min

A Walkthrough to: Finding the right name for your coaching centre

Are you thinking, what name to give for your coaching centre? 

Are you unable to conclude a logical name? 

If so, you probably realize that a name could be a make or break deal for your online academy. 

Therefore, in this blog post, we will help you come up with a name for your academy within 60 minutes.

So, how can you do this?

  1. Keep Name Simple

The purpose of your coaching centre’s name must be to tell your students what you teach and what they can expect from it. 

So, keep it simple, catchy and let it convey what you are trying to achieve. 

Just take care, not to make it too long (a name less than 20-25 characters is ideal). 

To give you some examples, here are the coaching centre names of our customers:

Name reflects what they teach or the courses they offer.

  • 2IIM (Help students crack IIM exam) 
  • BankExamsToday( Help students crack bank exams) 
  • LearnCodeOnline ( Help students code & program)

Geo specific or segment-specific names

Popular Educator or Author Names

If you have established yourself as a popular educator, subject matter expert or author, considering to have your name as your institute name makes sense.

  •      Anujindal ( RBI, UPSC coaching)
  •      PankajSirAcademy (Technical training institute) 

Looking at our own customer data over the last 5 years, customers with good quality content and market demand succeded in their space irrespective of their name. So, don’t worry too much over a name.

2. How to come up with a simple, short and relevant name 

If you are just starting out, or not certain about what name to choose the best advice is to start with a name that is memorable and somewhat descriptive to what you plan on doing as a teacher. Here is how you can do it. 

2.1 BrainStorm: What are your students looking for?

A good approach to naming your coaching centre is to look for student’s search queries in Google. This gives you two advantages: 

  • Identify student pain points & create appropriate courses
  • Possibility of ranking on top for the search query

Let us look at 2 ways you can use to find out, what students are searching for. 

For this purpose, I am assuming that you want to teach biology to students from Class XI and XII. Let us look at what students will search in Google.

Method 1: Use Google Search Suggestions

Usually, a student will be looking to study or learn some topic in biology 
So, now you can give learn biology in google and see what you get. Below are the search results you get

using google to find name for coaching centre

You can note down the words that you feel are relevant to you. I have noted down the below three words in an excel sheet. 

  • Learn biology fast
  • Learn biology podcast
  • Learn biology easily

Now type learn biology, give a space and press alphabets a to z and note down the results for each alphabet. (eg: learn biology a; learn biology b; learn biology f etc)

name for coaching centre from google suggestions
  • Learn biology basics
  • Learn biology fast

Try to come up with a list of 10-20 search terms relevant to what you want to teach. It will usually take you anywhere from 20-30 minutes.

Below are my list of words:

  • Learn biology fast
  • Learn biology podcast
  • Learn biology easily
  • Learn biology by Heart
  • How to learn biology better
  • Learn biology with fun
  • Learn biology in 24 hrs
  • How to Learn biology for neet 

If you find this tough, you can follow method 2. 

Method 2: Use UberSuggest

Go to and give learn biology with the location as India or your preferred target location. Click search

finding out name for coaching centre by using Ubersuggest

Go to Keyword Ideas, and click on Export to download all the keywords. You can then select 10-20 relevant search terms from this list of keywords 

finding out name for coaching centre by using Ubersuggest

2.2 Identify the patterns in search terms
From your keyword search in google, you can find how your students want to learn biology. For eg, your students are looking for below  

  • Fast 
  • Easily 
  • In 24hrs 
  • For Neet
  • With Fun 
  • Study Cards 
  • For SAT
  • Study Hacks 
  • Study Guide 
  • Pass Exam
  • Kaise Study Kare 

2.3 Create Academy Name 

Method 1: Use your creativity

Mix and match the search query (learn biology) and the pattern(fast, easy, etc)  to come up with your academy name. You can even use Hindi words if your students are from that geography. 

The idea is to come up with a name that lets your student know what they are going to get 

  • JetSetBio
  • BioEasy
  • Biology Ko Pado
  • Bio Exam Study Guide 
  • BiologyHacks
  • BioXampado
  • Fun with Bio
  • JustPassBio 
  • LastminuteBiology
  • BackBenchBiology
  • BioSeekho

Pick a name that feels right to you and your audience. 

Based on my findings, I may select: JustPassBio, JetSetBio, BioSeekho, Biologyhacks

Method 2: Use Business Name Generator

If you find it hard to mix and match keywords, you can use the below tool to come up with a good academy name

Go to the below link:

Just take any search query. For eg: I have taken learn biology fast. Click Generate. 

using business name generator to find name for coaching centre

On the next page, 

Tick the Industry Filter as Education 

Choose Insert Keyword and avoid Rhyming in the Result Filter and click Apply. 

Choose Insert Keyword and avoid Rhyming in the Result Filter and click Apply.

Pick your academy name from any of these keyword ideas. 

Choosing name from following ideas

Click the start button to save the names you like. 

saving the selected emails

From these suggestions, I can choose something like: BiologyHaven, BiologyHut, Biologyistic

3. Check name availability in GoDaddy

The last step is to check the availability of your name in GoDaddy. If it is available, within the price range that you are looking for then register it in GoDaddy and purchase your domain name.

Generally, you should be able to find a good domain name in the price range of INR 299 to INR 599.

It does not really matter if the domain name is other than .com. Most of the time you can get a very good domain name if you consider .in or

Feel free to comment your though down below.

Lastly, if you have a course/mock test and want to get started online, you can try out what you have learned by signing up for a free 14 day trial at

Experiment with different names, and even sell your courses during the 14 day trial period. 
And want to become an online teacher check out the link How to become an online teacher?

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