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Mock test as well as result can be scheduled for student in just a minute with minimal effort using Learnyst platform. Mock test scheduling..minimum effort.

In this era, all exams are held online once in a year. Normal mock tests does not simulate the real exam completely even though it helps student to prepare close to final exams. Actual exams are held for finite time period and results are announced after the scheduled time. This creates lot of pressure in student’s mind, affecting their performance.

To get the student prepared mentally for real exams, mock test can be simulated like the real one. This requires mock test to be scheduled for a finite time. Lets see some of advantages of scheduled mock tests and how to create them.

Why scheduling mock test?

There are some benefits to teacher while creating scheduled quiz as well as for student while answering scheduled quiz:

Gives time to students to prepare for upcoming quiz.

As student will know that a quiz is going to be held in future and will be available for only finite time, student will start preparing seriously for the upcoming quiz in advance.

Simulate like real exams

Scheduled quizzes resemble real exam wherein all students from different part of world comes prepared to crack the exam. This adds competitive mindset and “to-do best” attitude in student. This in-turn increases the level of preparations they do to crack the exam.

Reduces possibility of cheating

Making results available to student only after the mock test closes avoids the discussion of answers among student and the possibility of answer leak.

Adds more seriousness in student

Students can take normal quizzes anytime and for any number of times. Now this does not create seriousness in student as they can carelessly give mock test and check the right answer and retake mock test again. Scheduled quiz avoids user to know answer prior to re-attempt and hence allowing him/her to take the mock test seriously.

More accurate leaderboard

Knowing no one cheats, also students putting all their knowledge to crack the quiz, the leaderboards gives more precise idea of where student stands among others. This helps student as well as teacher to access who stands where.

Gives correct data to teacher

Teacher can easily target student with different grades, helping them to improve or by appreciating them for doing good.

How easy is it to simulate real exams?

Simulating real exam, wherein the exam is held on “the day” and students gets the only opportunity to give their best gets lot easier on “Learnyst” platform. All you have to do is to invest 1 minute, and then leave it on the system to do the magic.

All that teacher needs to to is to add start and end time for quiz. Also result can be scheduled by adding date and time to it.

scheduling mock test by teacher

Thats pretty much of it. You have just simulated the real exam!!!!! And the student now will be seeing the countdown timer running to 0.

Student viewing scheduled test

Once the counter runs to 0, the students will start taking mock tests. Once they click on “view result”, they will be prompted with result announcement date. As in below screenshot, students will be able to see his/her result after 12:25:00pm on 17th September 2016.

Result scheduled - Student

This is how easy it is to simulate real exams. So what are you waiting for, start creating mock test for your students for free!!!!

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