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Crash recovery during live mock test

While answering quiz or mock test, student progress is saved..unexpected exiting mock test preserve student attempt...retrieve attempted questions on retake

Even after being very cautious in setting up the right environment before starting any mock test, there is a possibility of an unexpected device crash. Assume students attempting mock test of 3 hour duration. But due to internet connectivity or unexpected device crash after 2 hours, his/her quiz will be exited. Now what? Student when comes back, has to start quiz from beginning or in worst case he/she will not even get opportunity to answer again. In either case the student’s time and effort goes wasted.

Need for recovery for mock tests

This problem can be avoided by backing up each attempt of student. So after crash when the student opens the quiz again, he/she can seamlessly continue with quiz. Having known that quiz can be recovered, it builds more trust and confidence in student before attempting quiz. This recovery management feature for quiz can be found on “Learnyst” – an online teaching business, called as Autosave feature.

Autosave helps student to seamlessly give the mock test without worrying about anything. There are many other advantages of having autosave feature in quiz :

Continue quiz across the devices

In case of internet failure or device crash, the student will be able to continue his/her quiz on another device.

Crash recovery during live mock test

Not only on web, but the same quiz or mock test can be continued on mobiles. The left one shows the autosaved answer retrieval on Android and right one on iPad.


Seamless resume

The session gets auto-saved in case of failure and the student is able to resume his/her test with no progress lost. This is a pretty handy feature, especially at places of weak internet connections where network gets disconnected often.

Full proof system

Autosave does not allow student to trick with system, by purposely crashing the device and reattempting. If test is for a specific duration, the timer still ticks till the student is back to quiz. Hence not allowing student to play with time and system. This assure evenness for all students.

Student confidence

Student put all their effort attempting mock tests for hours. If before submitting quiz, device crashes, then student looses all his effort and time for nothing. This puts student in misery wherein putting same effort again seems waste of time. This also drags down the self confidence of student. Auto save feature does not let user effort to be wasted, hence allowing student to continue with quiz.

Backing-up and recovering mock test is a very important feature for students as well as teacher. This makes the quiz platform more stable and efficient.

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