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Mock Pack – Conduct Mock Tests For less, Generate More Revenue

Has it ever happened to you that you want to buy a certain product and that is only available as combo product, and you don’t need the other products coming with it? Now that’s not something good, right? I mean why would you pay extra for something that you don’t need? We, at Learnyst, thought the same and now we are introducing MOCK PACK. You can use our mock pack to conduct mock tests for less.

Why Did You Introduce New Mock Pack?

Glad that you asked. Previously, in our “all in one” pricing plans were not suiting the need of everyone. The features for the mock test were in our higher plans. So if you wanted to conduct only the mock tests, you had to pay for courses’ features as well. So we decided that it’s time for THE BREAKUP.

We are breaking up the features in two different packs, The Course Pack, and The Mock Pack. That means, from now on you don’t have to pay for the features that you don’t use.

So if you conduct only mock tests, you can take up the mock pack, and avoid paying for features that are useful in course creation.

Conduct Mock Tests For less

You can check out our detailed pricing by clicking here


How Will New Mock Pack Help You To Conduct Mock Tests For less

Let’s first see that two main aspects of this new mock pack,

  1. All the essential features that you may need to conduct the mock tests are all in the affordable range. You don’t have to pay for the features used for creating a course. Less baggage, less trouble as they say.
  2. Now you have removed all the unused features and equipped yourself with only the features you need. So you can go ahead with creating the awesome mock tests and be the favorite teacher of your learners.

Now as you can see, the features you were paying heavy for, will now be available to you for cheap. So you can save big time on the unnecessary expenses and generate more revenue.

Now that you know how you can save big with our mock pack, what are you waiting for? Sign up on Learnyst and conduct mock tests for less, while ensuring a high return with our dedicated marketing tools.

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