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7 Reasons why your online teaching business needs mobile apps

World has gone mobile. Find out why their is no better time than now to launch your branded eLearning mobile apps to grow your online teaching business.

Smartphone users around the world has seen exponential growth with increasing penetration rate. Mobile apps have made inroads in our everyday life. As of today, there are 4.6 billion mobile users spending more than 3 hours per day on mobile usage. Users spend 90% of their mobile time in using apps. Read on to see why you need to go mobile now to take your online teaching business to the next level.

Smartphone usage for learning is no different. Many students and learners today are learning on their mobile than on desktop. Considering portable nature and convenience offered by hand held devices, it is evident that world has gone mobile. This technology paradigm is going to stay for many more years to come with a sign of upward trend.

So, how can you take advantage of this evolving smartphone global trend for your online teaching business? Yes, you guessed it right. Mobile apps are for sure your best bet to reach more students and to grow your teaching business. With cutting edge technology features like in-app messages, quizzes, and offline access, you can engage your students and grow your online teaching business like never before.

Imagine having your branded mobile app with your courses, assessments and mock tests loaded within it. Wouldn’t your students love it? Of course, they would. From your online teaching business perspective, branded mobile apps are a gateway that provides you endless possibilities to reach more students and to expand your brand online.

Reasons why your online teaching business needs mobile apps
Grow your online teaching business with your branded mobile apps

Here are 7 reasons why you need to have a mobile app to grow your online teaching business

  1. Effective time management: With increasing competition and with limited time to prepare for competitive exams students have to manage their time efficiently to fulfil their dreams. By launching your branded mobile apps you can provide great flexibility for students to access your courses any time and from anywhere.
  2. Secure & scalable: Mobile app enables you to offer your courses in a secured and controlled way. Offering your courses through mobile apps will be most safest way to protect your Intellectual Property (IP) and to scale your teaching business.
  3. Offline course access: With guaranteed content security on mobile apps, you can safely plan to provide offline course access to students. Students can download your course content like videos / PDFs and access them even when there is no internet.
  4. Quizzes & assessments on mobile: Students can take quizzes and assessments on the go. You can launch your tests and assessments along with your course content.  Thus, helping students quickly evaluate their skills and level of understanding after going through course content.
  5. Engage & interact with students: Engage with your students with interactive push messages. Having your branded mobile apps will help you send push messages with embedded images, videos & text. This is a big boost in terms of communicating with your students. Also, with targeted push messages you can send tip, tricks, useful notes for students and for marketing your courses.
  6. Sell courses: You can offer free courses and tests to attract students. Along with free courses you can sell paid courses on your mobile apps. Thus, opening up whole new revenue channel for your teaching business.
  7. Analytics built for eLearning: You can get complete stats like course completion status, assessment results, test performance, app usage, in-app message opens, time spent on app and more. These analytical data will help you analyze which courses are accepted good by students. Consequently, helping you make informed decision for improving your course content and to refine your marketing strategy.


Mobile apps play a strategic role for both students and teachers. For students, mobile apps are a boon in terms of providing flexibility to study and practice anytime anywhere. For teachers mobile apps provide a great opportunity to reach students beyond geographies and grow their teaching business.

Learnyst enables teachers to teach online with their branded mobile apps. To conclude, Learnyst has helped more than 70 educators reach 80,000 students within a span of 2 years. Here is what one of the teachers has to say about Learnyst.

With Learnyst, Our online revenues overtook our classroom revenues in merely 18 months. We expect to double our online business this year as well. ~Rajesh, Director @ 2IIM

Check out what many other educators around the world has to say about Learnyst.

Signup now to explore how you can launch your branded learning apps and grow your teaching business. Let me know your thoughts about using mobile apps for your teaching business.

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