Microlearning – The new norm in online teaching

Microlearning – The new norm in online teaching

E-learning has impacted the audience on a global level and is witnessing various new changes. During its inception, people were skeptical about its usefulness and no one understood its benefits completely. But today, 9 out of 10 students would have attended their regular schools through e-learning. That was the level of growth!

Such mammoth growth led to various pedagogies being developed in e-learning. One such pedagogy is called ‘microlearning’. Microlearning has attracted many peoples’ attention and is slowly reaching great heights. The primary objective of this form of teaching is not just explaining the concepts available in books, but also to impart skill education and improve the skill matrix of the student through practical methods, case studies, and other activities. Another core idea of microlearning is to imbibe skill education at a much faster rate rather than other forms of coaching.

In this blog, we are going to understand in detail what is microlearning and what are the unique benefits it offers to the students as well as the teachers.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a skill-based pedagogy that aims to enhance the skill set of a person with the help of content that is broken down into tiny pieces. This approach is focused on finding accurate solutions to problems. On top of it, microlearning embeds modern methodologies such as animations, videos, etc. with the classes to make it more engaging.

If you plan to get started with microlearning, in all probability it will be a piece of cake for you especially if you were exposed to the ecosystem of online-teaching previously. Most importantly, this type of learning is perfect for those people who have a good knowledge of the subject and are looking to widen their depth of knowledge even further.

Why Microlearning?

Teaching is an art and when done correctly, your students will love your classes. But when done wrongly (such as teaching at the same pace or keeping the classes really long) it can make the students feel bored. On top of it, the students might not retain everything easily and may end up forgetting important concepts. All your efforts will turn futile. The need of the hour is to enhance the retention of the students by making the classes more engaging. And that’s where microlearning comes in handy.

As the topics are broken down into small pieces, students can understand the core concepts much easier thus helping them to retain the concepts longer. Here are some other reasons why you should adopt microlearning – 

  • Microlearning has increased the efficiency of learning by 17% compared to traditional classroom training. Microlearning content tends to provide the exact information and the students do not have to read any unwanted text.
  • Many tutors have shifted their teaching to microlearning because their students demand it. It’s as simple as that. Modern learners prefer microlearning over long online lectures because of the crisp content, easily accessible nature, and more importantly an informal learning procedure.
  • Microlearning can be beneficial not only for the students but also for the teachers as well. Preparing small content consumes very less time compared to making long-duration presentations. Content need not be too formal and this halves the development costs.
  • The content in microlearning modules is not more than 5-7 minutes. Learning things in such short spans can make the classes more engaging. Among various types of distractions in today’s digital world, it is difficult for the students to remain focused for longer durations. Teaching within a timeframe of 7 minutes can make them more attentive and non-distractive.

These reasons prove that microlearning can be a game-changer in the coming days.

Two stories, two methods, two results

So far, we have seen what is microlearning and how it has impacted learning. We have also seen some justifications to prove that microlearning is a very effective method of teaching. To get an even better understanding of the power of microlearning, let us see two different scenarios here-

Case 1: Abhijith’s Classes

Abhijith is an e-tutor and has been in the field for quite some time now. He was quite successful in his teaching business and had thousands of students enrolled in his classes. He explained the concepts in detail, his single classes often spanning for several hours. 

In the past two years, he had been regularly getting feedback from his students that though his courses had great content, the duration was very long. Also, he never incorporated any modern techniques such as animations and videos in his classes, relying on traditional materials like books.

However, he chose to ignore it because all his courses were quite successful and his students always performed really well. But he failed to understand one thing – in the past, the students didn’t have many distractions and concentrated on his lessons fully, which is seldom the case today.

He never tried to venture out of his comfort zone. Soon, the strength of his classes started declining and his business got affected badly. 

Case 2: Ronica’s approach

Ronica was also an e-tutor similar to Abhijith but was new to the business. Instead of going the traditional way, she took the path of microlearning right from the beginning and incorporated it in her classes. 

She even marketed her microlearning strategy, citing all her classes were short with content divided into tiny blocks. Students flocked in numbers eager to know more about it and were very pleasantly surprised with the classes – the classes were completely opposite to the conventional online classes as it did not have lengthy monotonous lectures. The classes also had plenty of short videos.

Soon, her business started growing exponentially with great reviews from all her students.

Looking at these two stories, it is quite easy to conclude that microlearning triumphs over traditional teaching today. But how do you incorporate microlearning in your classes? This is where Learnyst can help you.

Microlearning with Learnyst

With many instructors shifting towards the new pedagogy of microlearning, Learnyst has added multiple features that can help you in creating and managing microlearning content. Out of these many features, here are two key one that can help you to boost your microlearning delivery –

  • Since the content in microlearning is bite-sized, this content is tailor-made to be accessed on a smartphone. And Learnyst supports advanced mobile learning where you can access any course material using Learnyst’s mobile application. This makes it easier for the students to log on to the course at any convenient time he/she wishes. 
  • You can create a course constituting various content types like videos, pdfs, slides, etc. all in a few steps using Learnyst. All these elements play an important role in microlearning.

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What’s Next?

Microlearning with Learnyst engages modern learners like never before. The majority of the modern learners comprise of millennials who are tech-savvy and always seek innovation in everything they do. Microlearning with Learnyst helps them to achieve that. So sign up with Learnyst and experience the power of microlearning today. 

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