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Market courses on Medium: A how-to guide

How many of you know that you can market courses on Medium? Most of us would have accessed Medium at some point in our life, but none of us would have thought it can be a powerful marketing tool for our business.

Marketing is an important lifeline for most e-tutors to achieve success in their teaching career. Unless your course is world-class or you are already a popular name, a little bit of marketing is needed to grow your customer base.

Medium comes to your rescue there. It is a blogging platform that helps you to post your blogs for free. And to make it even better, Medium creates a dedicated URL for your own business. And that too for free!

For example, if you own a company called Learnyst , you can get the below URL all for yourself – 


Medium has been a great initiative for those willing to start their career in e-learning when you have a low or no budget. In this blog, we are going to walk you through Medium and how it can help you market your online course.

Table of Contents

  1. About Medium
  2. Starting at Medium
  3. Guidelines for writing on Medium
  4. Online Course marketing with Medium
  5. Medium Sales Roadmap
  6. Collaborating with Learnyst
  7. What’s Next?

About Medium

Medium is an online content and blogging platform that was established in 2012 by the co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams. Just like Twitter, Medium too gained a mammoth audience base soon after its launch. 

On Medium, you can not only publish your content for readers but also track the number of viewers accessing your content. This helps you keep track of your growth and the effectiveness of your content.

If your course is for teenagers and working professionals, then Medium is an excellent choice as they are often found on Medium. You can easily build a network of subject enthusiasts who will talk about your course at other places.

How to get started with Medium?

If you are a newbie, then you might be wondering where and how to start in your marketing journey with Medium. This entire post is a guidebook for you. The first step is to create an account for yourself or your company at

Market courses on Medium

After creating an account and logging in,  click on “Write a Story” to create a blog about your favorite subject (course subject).

Market courses on Medium

Here is something that not many know. There is also separate section called Publications in Medium which is a shared space for posting content on similar topics. When you post content related to your course on a particular publication, relevant and interested people will view it and will try to learn more about your course.

Guidelines for writing on Medium

Medium has certain guidelines for writers who wish to publish stories on their platform. Here are they –

  1. Original content: Medium encourages only those content that is original and non-plagiarized. If you intend to refer to other content, it is better to cite their publication to avoid copyright issues.
  2. Zero Advertising: Medium does not support any kind of product advertising on its platform. Do not write stories that tend to promote a product or seek donations.
  3. Quality: Finally, there is no compromise on quality. Medium readers look for posts that have more depth and have enriched content. Create posts in your own style and add your opinion to it instead of just reporting a topic.

Following these guidelines will make you a better writer on Medium and attract readers to your page and eventually to your course.

Why to market courses on Medium?

As an online course instructor, marketing always stands as a primary concern. Out of the many marketing strategies for selling online courses, Medium is one of the simplest and easiest channels to promote your course compared to the others. Here is how it helps –

Build Personal Brand

With Medium, you can establish yourself as an expert in your area of expertise. Becoming an expert makes you gain more learners to your course. This is a crucial aspect of all marketing drives. Medium helps you gain connections to other co-bloggers and creates an arena for peer discussions. You can share your blog on their publications and get links to your course website. 

Greater reach

Another important benefit of writing on Medium is the ability to pitch your course to a broader range of audience. With the majority of the world’s population on Medium, it is easier to take your course to the world. 

Did you know that there are about 170 million monthly readers at Medium searching for valuable content to gain knowledge from? 

Medium also has a content filter, that ensures that content of very high quality reaches a broader audience. Medium publishes only those that meet the standards set by the platform for posting a blog. Every blog post goes through a stringent screening process by Medium’s editorial team and then gets posted for the readers. In this way, your quality of writing gets improved and also reaches a greater portion of the audience who in turn gets a chance to visit your course.

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How to market courses on Medium?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Medium for marketing – 

Choose topics around your field

Pick and write on topics that surround your course subject. The usual practice is to choose 3-4 topics revolving around the course. A word of caution, do not be too repetitive while writing about the same topic especially when you run out of ideas. For instance, if your course is about digital marketing, you can even write blogs on engineering, technology and e-commerce by connecting them. This adds more value to your course and at the same time, it helps to churn out quality content.

Search for publications

Medium is all about publications. It is critical that you get noticed by the various publications on the platform. These publications act as a bridge between you and your readers. They are responsible for taking your content to a broader audience and aiding your business growth. Be on the lookout for relevant publications and publish articles frequently on them irrespective of the number of readers on them.

Write an engaging blog

On Medium, you have the facility to re-post a blog from your archives. But think twice before you do it since most publications do not accept the same blog. It is always better and easier to write new blogs instead of reposting an existing one. You also get access to a wide variety of writing tools that make your blogs stand out from the crowd. Also, Medium has its own set of writing guidelines which you can make the best use of to grow your business.

Convert readers into learners

This is the most important part of developing your online course. Add your course link and your email link in your ‘Bio’ section. Since most publications do not accept a redirection on the actual content, you can use the ‘Bio’ section to your advantage. Readers who read your blogs will have your bio visible and all the hyperlinks on the blog page. This will prompt them to click on the course website and turn them into potential learners. This is possible only if your blog content is engaging and is of good quality.

Collaboration with Learnyst

Now that you know how to market courses on Medium, the next important question, where do I create the course? The answer is Learnyst, which is a one-stop solution for all your teaching needs. Write from course creation to marketing it, you have it all in Learnyst. Using Learnyst, you can even conduct tests, take live classes, take attendance, track the performance of students, etc. So combine the power of Medium and Learnyst to give that much-needed boost to your teaching career. To know more about how to create courses on Learnyst, contact us today.

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