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LMS for e-learning: Key reasons to use it

Looking to create an online course? Make your life simpler by opting an LMS for e-learning that helps you create and manage courses with ease.

‘E-learning’, ‘online learning’, ‘LMS for e-learning’ – These are the common terms and phrases we have been hearing in recent days thanks to COVID-19. Almost every institution and school had to shut down their doors to eager students. They had to resort to online education tools like LMS to ensure that their education continued. 

The huge line-up of features offered by such LMSs made it the one-stop solution for not only these institutes but also for various course creators looking to make it big in the online learning industry. 

A recent survey showed that 75% of the universities in Latin America had incorporated e-learning as a medium of education during the year 2020. The situation is not very different in India. 

So if you are in the field of education and want to make a big difference in today’s learning ecosystem, you have to create courses and sell them using an LMS. In this post, we are going to look at some of the top reasons why you have to use an LMS for e-learning.

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

LMS is a web-based platform that provides flexibility in learning through the Internet. These platforms are focused on making learning simpler for the students and teaching simpler for the teachers. 

Most LMS platforms are teacher-centric and are designed in such a way that creating and manage courses is a breezy experience. Using an LMS saves a great amount of time and cost for teachers. 

Many modern-day LMSs are also SCORM-compliant which makes it more reliable to build a course. To the uninitiated, SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a set of industry standards related to the course authoring. These standards define the method of creating an online course and how to deliver it and get the most out of it.

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Top reasons to use an LMS for e-learning

If you are a newbie tutor and you have an idea to start an online course, this is the right time to consider implementing an LMS for e-learning. Here are some reasons why it is important to use an LMS for your needs – 

Easy to create courses

The heart of any course is the content – it is what gives your course the actual sale value. It is very easy to create a course with LMS due to the myriad of authoring features it comes with. Recent upgrades in LMS platforms even offer integration support with other third-party authoring tools for a seamless transferring of content. Some LMSs have pre-created templates that you can use to make the course content more engaging. LMS like Learnyst even offers the facility to incorporate images and videos between text to keep the students engrossed and motivated to complete the course.

LMS for E-Learning

Your course will get a better reach

Every course creator dreams of getting a wide reach for their course. Having an LMS will convert your dreams into reality within a short time. Since the online learning system environment is independent of geographies, LMS platforms help your course to reach people in other countries too. All they need is an internet connection to access your course. 

Facilitates blended learning

Classes usually tend to get more lively when there is regular interaction between students. Blended learning, a new pedagogy in the era of digital education is achieved through LMS. It keeps interaction as the core focus to give the best learning experience for the students. Having an LMS that offers the benefit of blended learning is a great advantage to your course. Also, in blended learning, the students can access both online as well as offline versions of your course thereby ensuring better availability of your course.

Your students can engage through on-the-go learning

Most students these days live a very busy life with lots of commitments and goals. In such a world, they are unable to dedicate a certain time exclusively to learning. To facilitate this, LMS platforms came with an innovative solution in the form of mobile learning. Instead of just accessing the course through a website, students today can access it through dedicated mobile apps too. They no longer have to carry heavy devices like laptops just to access your course.

You can track the progress of your students

The responsibility of an online course creator doesn’t end with creating the course. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the students reap the maximum benefit out of it. For that, you need to track the performance of your students and identify the key areas of improvement and help them get better at it. Most LMS platforms have an inbuilt performance tracking engine that allows you to accurately track the learners’ performance and tailor the course according to their needs.

LMS for E-Learning

Experience improved sales

Your online course is considered a success when it is bought by many students and you start generating a steady income out of it. To do that you need to market your course. Marketing through an LMS is very easy as there are several marketing features already inbuilt in it such as creating your own website, social media integration and so on. All these help to improve your sales.

Get better security

Being a part of the modern world, it is quite obvious that you are concerned about the safety of your course as content theft is very common. But with an LMS, you need not worry about it. LMS makers are particularly keen on content security and have designed their platform in such a way stealing content is almost impossible. For instance, all your courses in Learnyst are DRM encrypted.

Overview of Learnyst LMS

Learnyst is a home-grown LMS that has risen to great peaks in the e-learning arena thanks to its several features and benefits for both course creators and learners. Some popular features of Learnyst include – 

  • DRM encryption – a highly secure encryption standard that protects your course from all forms of cybercrime. Every registered student gets a username and password that prevent any unauthorized access to the course.
  • Social media integration – for brand recognition. You can easily link your course to any of the social media websites. This will make your course greatly visible thereby increasing your brand value.
  • Learnyst Test Maker – to conduct mock tests and track student performance. Tutors also get to use the onscreen evaluation technology facilitating them to produce the result as soon as the test is submitted.
  • Attendance manager – that keeps track of the student attendance.
  • Course completion certificate – for motivating the students to subscribe for more 

To know more about Learnyst and how it can help you scale up as a tutor, contact us today.

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