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Learnyst Vs Traditional Learning Management Systems

Unlike traditional Learning management systems, Learnyst gives flexibility to the teachers to present the learners with more personalized and socialized learning experience with better comprehensibility of the information they are presented with.

Unlike traditional Learning management systems, Learnyst gives flexibility to the teachers to present the learners with more personalized and socialized learning experience with better comprehensibility of the information they are presented with.

What makes Learnyst different from a Traditional LMS?

It’s important that you realize the differences between Learnyst and traditional learning management system models. The traditional LMS model is a very rigid structure that is more like a big repository of information being pushed out to the learner. Also, traditional LMS platforms are somewhat generic, and don’t take into account an organization’s unique learning needs. Third, these LMSs perpetuate the model of “going to” training. Traditional LMS model requires a learner to sit for long periods of time and simply consume those information chunks that may or may not be received. These traditional systems obtain little or no feedback from the user; the few that do, seldom integrate changes based on that feedback.

Learnyst is a well-designed social learning management systems that make it easy to build community in the context of a learning environment. Learnyst make room for the valuable input of coaches, mentors, experts, and colleagues, through discussion forums which results in a vibrant learning community. Learnyst also features mobile learning, which allows users to access information from any device that has web browser and an Internet connection, anywhere, at any time. Learnyst is packed with number of interactive tools that elevate the learning experience and cause a user to better comprehend and retain the information they are presented with. Learnyst is one such modern learning management system every learner would prefer to learn from and every teacher would prefer to host their online school at.

Socializing through LMS is certainly a giant leap up from a traditional eLearning system which Learnyst has adapted for better interaction between students and the teacher.

In current days trend where you can present the learning content for any type delivered from any system, and experienced on any device personalized learning paths will continue to be a prime factor. Learnyst helps you build your courses where you can break down the content into chunks that are data rich and organized by competency, job role, or subject.

Traditional Learning Management Systems  places the storage and delivery of content in the center rather than learners and effective learning. Furthermore, they dictate certain teaching strategies mainly in the form of knowledge transfer. Teachers and trainers are restricted with the features available in an Learning Management System, which makes learning much less effective. It limits teachers by the standard upon which formal training content is built. On the contrary, learning is a much more complex and a dynamic process in which teachers need to be given the chance to be flexible enough with the mode of instruction, interaction, and assessment strategies in online and blended learning environments.

Adapting the system to fit the instruction is more meaningful than altering the instructions to fit the capabilities of the tool. This is where Learnyst wins your heart. It has lot of flexibility in terms of building your courses and assessments by giving various options for example, the subjective objective and the numerical assessments. Independent or the bundled courses etc.,

When the Learning Management System dictates how learning and teaching take place with no room for flexibility, effective learning is more likely to fall through the cracks. This is one of the common concerns in some education circles and seems to be partly true especially for some traditional Learning Management Systems built around the idea of one-size-fits-all.

What does Learnyst Promise?

Learnyst provides most sophisticated learning experience by its technology . For instance, data-science is becoming an integral part of Learning Management Systems, and learner analytics are utilized in a way that helps learners experience a more personalized learning. For instances, some Learning Management Systems already report if a student has mastered the target objective based on the student’s performance on assignments, tests, and activities, and recommend a specific learning plan for the student. This helps each student meet the learning objectives in a personalized way.

The summative assessment features such as multiple-choice tests produced at the end of a course are all currently available in Learning Management Systems. However, formative assessment which is crucial for individualizing learning and intervening at the right time before a course ends is what matters for enhanced learning. Learnyst offers teachers the opportunity to evaluate their students’ understanding at the right time with the right intervention plan.


It seems that one-size-fits-all methods are increasingly being abandoned and Learnyst is much more intelligent and learner-centered than any traditional learning management system.

Learnyst  vs Traditional Learning Management Systems

The table below offers a guide to help learning professionals compare the traditional systems to the Learnyst.

  Traditional LMS Learnyst
Learning Experience
Learning Involvement Formal Formal, Informal, and Social
Learner Engagement Classroom, Desktop Classroom plus on-demand learning via web or mobile: anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
End User Tools Browse Catalog, Simple Search, Email notification Browse Catalog, Faceted Search, Individual Development Plan, Dynamic Recommendations, Learning Paths, Learner/Manager Dashboards, Email/Text Notifications, Ratings and Reviews, Badges/Leaderboards
Learning Content
Content Authoring Simple Course Builder, Rapid Authoring Tools Granular learning content separated from presentation for rapid assembly and reuse across any output format or audience
Content Management   Online collaboration, versioning, workflow, and review tools
Content Publishing   Print, responsive web (HTML5/CSS3), and mobile output templates/formats
Digital Content Delivery Courses



Learning Object Repository (LOR) serving multiple formats for many systems and devices
Learning Administration
User and Group Administration Manage Users and Groups Single Sign-On (SSO), integrated with HR system
Course Administration Course Enrollment, Completion Rules, Classroom Manage Course Enrollment, Learning Paths, Classroom Management, Competency Management, Certification Management
Reporting and Analytics Completion Tracking, Test Scores Centralized Learning Record Store (LRS) for reporting and analytics, Completion Tracking, Test Scores, Question Analytics, Informal Learning Activities, Social Learning Activities, Content Effectiveness

Consider your end goals when planning system upgrades and go from there. Learnyst can provide you the learner engagement driven system, which in turn drives behavior change, knowledge retention, and on-the-job performance.

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