Learnyst Update: Partial Marking

Amid the lockdown, Where Learnyst is here to provide the new updates even in this lockdown so that no teacher and learner need to pause the studies.

In this new update, Partial Marking has been added in a mock test editor. where teachers can create a mock test to know how much a student has gained knowledge of the topic by using partial marking.

learnyst update: partial markng
How to enable partial marking?

How partial marking works?

  • Each question has FOUR options. ONE OR MORE THAN ONE of these four options are the correct answers.
  • For each question, choose the options corresponding to all the correct answers.
  • Answer to each question will be evaluated according to the following marking scheme:

Full Marks: +4 If only all the correct options are chosen;
Partial Marks: +3 If all the four options are correct but ONLY three options are chosen;
Partial Marks: +2 If three or more options are correct but ONLY two options are chosen, both of which are correct;
Partial Marks: +1 If two or more options are correct but ONLY one option is chosen and it is a correct option;
Zero Marks: 0 If none of the options is chosen (i.e. the question is unanswered);
Negative Marks: -1 In all other cases.

So, just try it out new Partial marking in your mock test.

With new update Partial marking you can create mock tests like JEE Exams.

So, go ahead. Create mock tests online and makes help your students to achieve their goals.

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