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Learnyst – Cloud LMS platform based in Bangalore

Learnyst a cloud-based LMS in Bangalore, Best LMS provider and Make your own LMS software without any third-party interface.

Learnyst a cloud-based LMS company in Bangalore

Learnyst a cloud-based LMS company in Bangalore, which was founded by Shivaranjan Kumar and Shankar Mahesh in September 2014.

To help the Individual educators, coaching centers, schools, etc who are willing to teach online on their own branded app or website.

Where started by two founders 4 years back, now it has a 25+ team and keeps growing. And many changes as per updated technology from user experience to Security of learnyst Users.

Features of learnyst

There are many features in learnyst, but here are some of the most unique features of learnyst:-


In a cloud-based LMS, Security is one of the most important things. Learnyst provides security where users can keep their content safe.

One of the most important security features of learnyst is DRM (Digital Rights Management) Encryption.

We are using DRM technology to protect our teacher’s content. Once a teacher loads their video/pdf in the course builder, we encrypt the video using private encryption keys. And we store these encrypted videos/pdfs in secured servers that are accessible by authorized users. Where only your students can access your content securely.

Here are other security features:-

  1. Limit the number of devices a user can log in.
  2. Do not allow multiple logins at a single point of time.
  3. Track user logins & set alarms if the user logging in on multiple devices.

For more about content piracy and security Check out how to deal with content piracy.

White-labeled Solutions

Learnyst Cloud-based LMS company in Bangalore(startup hub of India) is not aiming to make a platform for online teaching, It is about making your own branded platform or online institute.

Where your students will learn from your website or mobile app. Your name or institute name will be on the website or mobile app.

No need to publish in other’s app, create your branded app for your students.

Course and Mock test

What is the meaning of getting knowledge, when there is no test to prove that knowledge. Where in learnyst you can teach students with your course, test what they have learned and help them to excel in their subject.

Or create a mock test through learnyst for students who want to test themself from your institute.

Where you can focus on the overall performance of your students.

Complete customization

Learnyst is more focused on customer-centric, where customers can have their own customized website or mobile app.

By creating their own unique themes for website and mobile app. And providing a builder to edit the content and ease of making a website for your online institute/school.

Why learnyst?

Still, pondering on why choose Learnyst for your online institute/school? Here are a few of our user’s online institute/school:

It is quite easy to launch any course with Learnyst platform. Easy navigation & good UI has certainly provided good experience to students.

Kunal Deep, Co-Founder & CEO, Edusaksham.

Here are some of them, there are 400+ users worldwide.

If you any doubt or question feel free to drop your comments below.

So, Get started with your own LMS software by clicking below

Lets us help you in creating your Cloud-based LMS.

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