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Learnyst Is Now Officially An AWS Edstart Partner

Learnyst is now an AWS Edstart Partner. In this blog, we share the details on how AWS helps us meet our business goals.

Learnyst is now an AWS Edstart partner. We are officially a member of the AWS EdStart accelerator program. In this blog, we share the details on how AWS helps us meet our business goals.

AWS Edstart Partner

Learnyst is an LMS software company based out in Bangalore. Our mission is to help educators sell courses online from their own website & mobile apps. 

There are a lot of complexities involved while teaching online. You need server space to upload your contents, software to manage your learners, and a team to handle the tech support

Handling these technical issues are complex & a costly affair for most educators.

One of our key business goals is to simplify technology for educators & help them focus on growing their online teaching business.  

Partnering with AWS has allowed us to meet this key business goal and also given us a huge array of ready made tools that we can use to enable the solutions that educators want

One of the key benefits of AWS is that it allows us to scale our business despite the complexity of data requests we receive daily. 

How Being An AWS Edstart Partner Helps Learnyst 

Streaming With Amazon CloudFront

  • Our customers want to be able to stream their course contents like videos, pdf, PPT & LIVE classes, faster. 
  • The CDN cloud architecture streams videos from the servers near students. So, video loads fast & hence, educators are able to deliver uninterrupted learning experiences for their students. 

Simple Storage Service

The auto-scaling architecture lets us scale the storage space to meet our demand. 

Relational Database Service 

  • Running a competitive mock exam for more than 1 lakh students simultaneously is a resource-intensive process. 
  • AWS’s relational database service helps us deal with such complex requests at all times and in turn helps us solve the most challenging business problems for our customers

Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) & WAF

Simple Email Service

  • One of the key benefits we provide our customers is the simple email service. 
  • Using this service, customers can send targeted marketing emails to their students & from their academy. 

Cognito Sync & Cloud Watch

  • Other than these core features, we monitor the deployment via cloud and ensure datasync between web & mobile devices of our educators. 
  • Cognito Sync & CloudWatch helps us do just that. 

What we love most about AWS 

In a nutshell, AWS has simplified our lives with its robust & auto-scaling cloud architecture. 

Below are the 4 key points why we love the AWS:


We love their technology innovation. They constantly push the envelope on what technology can do. They amaze us with new tools & technology year after year. 

And it really excites us to play with these tools and find out ways to integrate them together to produce the things our customers will love to see.

Ease of Use

By providing us all the services in one single place, makes our lives easier instead of running haywire trying to figure out the complexities. 


As a growing startup, we need a way to use all these services, come up with a solution, and at the same time be able to meet our budget needs. 

As a growing startup, we need a way to use all these services, come up with a solution, and at the same time be able to meet our budget needs. 

Startup Accelerator Service

We love the credits, technical support & access to the community of EdTech experts that AWS offers us with its startup accelerator. 

For a company like us, with big dreams to revolutionize education, these resources help us build secure & cost-effective solutions for our customers. 


As a growing Edtech firm, we look to meet our business goals of helping educators.

With over 1000+ educators using Learnyst to teach over 50 lakh students, we handle a huge demand of running their online academy seamlessly.

Meeting this surge of demand within the Edtech space is challenging and AWS helps us meet that challenge with its host of amazing technology and tools. 

With its innovative products, ease of use, and budget-friendly packages, we now have more time to improve our product and spend less time on unnecessary technology hassles. 

Plus their promotional credits, technology support, help us run our business smoothly. 

We are confident of scaling our platform to serve over 2000+ coaching institutes by the end of 2021 with a strong technology partner like AWS. 

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