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Introducing Learner Verification through SMS OTP

Learner Verification through Multi Factor Authentication. Helps you to get valid learners information which can be used for effective communication

At learnyst we constantly look at how we can empower teachers to save time, increase course sales and improve Quality of Service for their Learners. One of the constantly requested feature is to verify Learners identity and to reduce login credential sharing among learners.

I will explain the problem in detail and also offer solution called Learner Verification. It will help you in saving time and improve your quality of service for your Learners


Many of Teachers have complained of getting unverified Learners identities. As a result we further analysed the issue and we did database analysis. We found out that 32% of learners had not confirmed their email or phone number.

Imagine you having 1000 learners out of which 320 are unverified. You cannot filter unverified Learners from verified. Its a time consuming task.

Unverified Identities causes following problems –

  1. Even if Learners provide valid information, You need to call or sms each learner to validate the phone numbers
  2. You cannot use Learner information collected effectively
  3. You cannot automate email and sms marketing

As a result of above problems we need a solution which will automate learner verification and scale to any number of learners.


The solution is to use Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a method of identifying learners by presenting two or more separate authentication stages.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is the most used type of Multi Factor Authentication.

The solution is to verify Learners phone number during signup process. We can get the phone number verified by using One Time Password sent through sms. OTP a very popular method in India used in almost all banking transactions as well as many famous products such as Gmail.

The benefits of verifying Learners identities are

  1. The verified Learners phone numbers can be used for communication and marketing
  2. Only valid Learners can get inside your platform
  3. You can save time by not having to inspect each learners

We have implemented Learner Verification feature as a Learnyst Add-on App. You can do Learner verification on web and mobile apps. Also you no need to worry about old Learners, when they login again their phone number will be verified.

First 100 Learner verifications are free. Give it a try and let us know what do you think about it.

Enabling Learner Verification

  1. Login to Learnyst Admin Console
  2. Click on Settings
  3. In Settings, select Apps on side panel
  4. Enable Learner Verification App


Learner Verification App is priced at INR 49,999 + ST with 1 year validity and 60,000 messages. But in beta, we are offering 20% discount which comes to INR 39,999 + ST.  

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