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Launch Branded Teaching App Like Byju’s

Byju’s success has inspired every teacher. Almost every test prep teacher whom I have met wants to know how to launch branded teaching app like Byju’s?

Without a doubt, Byju’s success has inspired everyone in Indian test prep market. Almost every test prep teacher whom we have talked with, wants to know how to launch branded teaching app like Byju’s?

Here is a snapshot of Byju’s online success story

Since its inception in 2015, Byju’s app –

  • Has been downloaded more than 50 million times
  • Is subscribed by more than 500,000 paid learners

With annual subscription ticket size of INR 10,000, Byju’s generated a revenue of Rs 4 crore in its first year of operation (2011-12). In just about five years, it has witnessed phenomenal growth with revenue rising to Rs 120 crore in 2015-16

“Byju’s learning app contributes to 90% of its earnings”

Byju’s app success is a clear indication of the potential market opportunity that Indian market has for online test preparation. However, building your own branded eLearning app requires huge investment and is time-consuming.

[Before you decide to launch branded teaching app of yours, we recommend you read this,]

Learnyst at your service

Learnyst ( provides branded learning mobile apps through SaaS-based subscription model. That means any new industry tool will be incorporated into your app just right away. So anyone having course content in the form of videos, PDFs, PPTs or assessments can launch their own branded app like Byju’s in just 15 days. Thus, eliminating app development cost and reducing app maintenance cost by 80%. With the branded mobile app, you will get interesting features like Offline secure content access, DRM encryption, in-depth analytics and push notification.

Learnyst has 100+ subscribed educators with 10L+ learners across India and abroad accessing 3900+ courses. Learnyst has helped educators earn more than $8 Million in revenue through course sales with vision is to empower teachers to teach and reach learners online.

How quickly can you launch your app like Byju? How will your app look?

Here is a short video that gives you an overview of branded mobile app features –

Learnyst can help you launch branded teaching app on both Android and iOS in 15 days. Your app comes with your branded logo, customized splash screen, and student login screens. After a student has logged in to the app they can view free courses and purchase paid courses through the app. Courses can be in the form of videos, PDFs, PPTs, HTML lessons and quizzes. You can also publish full length timed mock tests similar to actual competitive exams like CAT, Bank exams, GATE, IIT-JEE, GRE, GMAT.

Branded Learning Apps released by Learnyst

Android Apps

Branded Learning Apps example for andriod

Apttrix ( – App for bank exam preparation with videos & mock tests. Check out the app @

Branded Learning Apps example for andriod

2iim ( – CAT courses and mock tests by Rajesh (99.9 % tiler). Check out the app @

iOS Apps

Branded Learning Apps example for IOS

FP Edu ( – Financial courses for corporates and banks. Check out the app @

Launch Branded Teaching App example for IOS

Upx Academy ( – Big Data & Data Science courses for working professionals. Check out the app @

Deliver Courses & Engage Learners with The Latest Technology

Learnyst is hosted on Amazon. For content delivery, Learnyst uses high-end cloud servers which auto scale to handle high volume loads without compromising on content streaming. Content security is another core feature of Learnyst. Videos and PDF content loaded by educators are DRM encrypted and streamed. Learnyst offers very strong multi-layered content security with content protection rights to safeguard educators content & IP.

Learnyst offers powerful insight into Learner’s performance. Educators can see the performance of learners at course, section, quiz or even at question level. They can drill down to micro details like what answer option learner has chosen, the time taken to answer the question along with overall test performance.

In short, learnyst uses latest and best technology so that educators can get best tools to teach online. Thus, enabling educators stay ahead of technology without worrying about development and maintenance.

Launch Branded Teaching App with Learnyst

With Learnyst Educators can teach online and sell courses from their branded mobile apps and website. Learnyst has helped more than 100+ educators teach 3L+ learners over last 2 years. Thus, enabling educators teach online & reach learners beyond boundaries. On an average, educators on Learnyst are generating 10X revenue (Don’t believe us? Read it here) with total courses sales revenue of more than $8 Million to date.

In summary, Educators can launch and manage their branded online teaching platforms through single admin dashboard without worrying about technology. It provides incredible opportunity and flexibility for educators that anyone from any part of the word can access their course content through their brand apps. With Learnyst marketing tools, educators can reach millions of learners beyond boundaries.

Learnyst’s Detailed Feature List

  1. Do-It-Yourself website builder for creating a beautiful online website. Educators can create customized & branded eLearning website in just under 15 minutes. There is no coding required. Website built on Learnyst are SEO optimized and responsive.
  2. Branded Android & iOS mobile apps to teach and sell the courses on mobile.
  3. Integrated Payment gateway to sell course and mock tests from your brand. Instantly integrate with your desired payment gateway and keep 100% of course revenue. Learnyst is pre-integrated with payment gateways like CCavenue, Razorpay, Instamojo, Paypal, and Stripe.
  4. Support for diverse course content types like Videos, PDFs, PPTs, HTML Lessons and assessments (mock tests)
  5. Content encryption to prevent piracy. All your videos and PDF course content are encrypted and streamed to learners. Thus making it near to impossible for learners to download course content.
  6. Marketing tools like coupon codes, email, SMS, push notification & third party tools integration helps educators reach learners beyond geographies.
  7. Integrated LMS system with easy to use course builder, test builder, student manager and analytics tools.
  8. In-depth student analytics helps educators assess learners performance. Thereby enabling them to provide targeted feedback and recommendations to learners.
  9. Industry standard learning interface to view course content, discussion boards, personal notes section, test engine to take assessments and more.
  10. Support for other eLearning features like adaptive streaming, multiple admins, social login, course certificates, multiple languages, currency settings etc.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up on Learnyst today and launch branded teaching app just like Byju!!

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