Intelligent Course Marketing: Market The Course That Sells The Most

Analytics is the most important part of course marketing. With proper knowledge of course performances, you can easily boost your revenue.

So, you have your online teaching platform up and running, and loaded it with all the contents. But, after the initial “Beginners Luck”, you suddenly feel stuck. The courses or mock tests that you are relentlessly marketing, are not getting you enough revenue. So, there must be something wrong, right? This is one of the main reasons why we should spend more time on a strategic and intelligent course marketing plan.

Intelligent Course Marketing

So how do we do intelligent course marketing? One way to do this is to use business insight tools that will give clear and concise reports on your sales and course performances. Often times we heard in motivational movies and books, that we don’t know our true potential. And it is the same with your course marketing. To get the most out of your course sells, you need to know their potential and how useful they are for your learners.

For example, let’s say you have two courses on your platform, and assume them to be course A and course B. Now, according to you, you have spent maximum time developing course A, and as per you, it is the best course you have created in a long time. So rightfully, you are marketing that course aggressively. But the actual number of students who buy course A is really low. Now, there is course B. You took less time and effort to develop, and you thought of it just an average course. So you don’t highlight that course much. And it gets stuck somewhere down in the course list. But, it is course B which generated maximum revenue for your online course.

This is where the role of analytics comes handy. With a simple integration of analytics with your teaching platform can tell you a lot about your courses’ performances. So you can choose the courses accordingly to the market. Once you know the unique courses that sell the most and market them well, you can easily generate more revenue from your online teaching business.

Learnyst’s Solution: Course Analytics

We, at Learnyst, have understood the necessity of integrating high-performance analytics tools. But, instead of integrating third party analytic tools, we made the tool from grounds up. When you sign up on the Learnyst platform, you can see this tool on your dashboard. It provides you insights about your courses and mock tests’ recent performances. This will help you in planning your marketing strategy with more focus on the best selling courses or quizzes. Below is a screenshot of how the analytics look in real time.

Course Marketing Analytics

The Analytics informs you about the 5 Top Selling Courses on your platform. So, as you can identify the most sought after courses, you can market them using different tools and on different platforms. The analytics also informs you about your total sales chart, where both online and offline sells data is available. Using these data as feedback, you can lay down an effective marketing campaign which will increase your revenue at least by 10x.

To know more about the course analytics and use it in real time to boost your online teaching business, sign up today on and start teaching online.

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