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May 2015 Release – Improved course builder, Power point uploader & student performance analytics

Last month at Learnyst we focused on improving your course creation experience. With our new course builder & assessment builder interface, you can create courses the way you wanted in just a few minutes. Here are freshly released features that will help you in creating and publishing your courses.

Teacher friendly course builder & assessment builder interface

uploading courses on learnyst & start selling
uploading courses on learnyst & start selling

This new version of course builder has easy to use user interface so that you can create courses within just a few clicks. In admin dashboard, click on courses and then click on Create Course or edit existing course. You will see add lesson screen as shown below.

Create Lesson Page
Create Lesson Page

Click on Lessons (within green highlight in above image). You will see new lesson builder interface where you can upload video lessons, PPTs, PDFs, embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo & create practice tests. Note that you can create tests within a lesson as a quick quiz for the lesson or create a lesson with just a Test in which case it can be considered as test lesson or exercise lesson. Shown below is an example of a lesson with YouTube video embed, PDF and quiz all within a single lesson.

Add lesson content
Add lesson content

In case if you wish to make a test lesson then you can create only a test within a lesson.

Course builder improvements [Click here to create your course]
1.    Provision to add tests as lessons within a course
2.    Upload PPT (saved as images) lessons within course builder
3.    Multiple videos/course content within a lesson
4.    Improved course builder interface for uploading PPT, PDF & video lessons
5.    Secure PDF

Test/Assessment builder improvements [Click here to create your assessment]

1.    Question tagging with topic/lessons
2.    Drag and drop feature to re-arrange questions
3.    Scheduled tests
4.    Set custom messages depending on student performance after taking the test
5.    Bulk Q&A upload through XLS template

Admin & Student Interface

sell courses to students
uploading courses on learnyst & start selling

Admin Features
1.    Set validity duration for each student
2.    View course completion details of each student
Student virtual classroom Interface
1.    Improved student dashboard with course wise completion status
2.    Topic wise analytics after taking the test

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