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Five Things to Keep In Mind While Creating Your Next Online Mock Test

Online mock tests are a great way for competitive exam aspirants to prepare for their final tests. And most of today's competitive exams are moving online,

Online mock tests are a great way for competitive exam aspirants to prepare for their final tests. And most of today’s competitive exams are moving online, so it is ideal for the test takers also to practice the tests online. So it doesn’t come as a wonder when the number of learners taking online mock tests, easily outnumbers the learners who take offline mock tests.

But next time you create your online mock tests, I want you to remember some key points, which will make your online mock test an absolute favorite to your learners.

Quick Feedback:

Most of your test takers are working, or learners with busy schedule. So, they expect quicker feedback, when they take the test. So we advise you to schedule quick feedback based on their performance. If your feedbacks are prompt that will make your learners realize that you are as serious about their test as they are. And that’s definitely gonna be your unique selling points.


Since you are conducting online mock tests, these mock tests are a distinguishable factor between your online test prep institution and somebody else’s. And if someone copies your online tests then your potential learners will be split into two or three groups. That will definitely affect your revenue. So content security is another aspect that you should be serious about. Features like watermarking, encryption and two factors authentication might very well be your tool of choice in keeping your content security, super tight.

Read more on content piracy.

LMS storage of results

Your relation with your learner just doesn’t end with they taking the test and you handing them out a feedback card. Even after they successfully complete the online mock test, you need to keep their data saved and you should be able to share that with learners in the future as well.

Detailed Performance Analysis

Without a detailed performance analysis, your online mock tests hold little to no value. Your detailed performance analysis is actually the key to better performance of the learner in the final test. And the deciding factor of making it to the elite list is how detailed your analysis is.

Option To Discuss

Allowing your learners to discuss their problems on the online mock test page itself, allows you to quickly solve the problems. As most of the problems will be solved as your learners discuss it among themselves. So having a discussion section in your mock tests might very well prove to be helpful for you.

Creating Online Mock Tests With Learnyst

Creating a perfect mock test is really easy with Learnyst. You can easily create, market and sell stunning and useful online mock tests, with all of the features mentioned above.

What more, You can conduct the mock tests from your branded websites and mobile apps. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to open your own branded test prep institute.

If you have any doubt or questions feel free to drop your comments below.

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