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How To Write Powerful Sales Page Content That Converts

The main feature of sales page content is that its effectiveness can be evaluated. The main criterion is conversion – the ratio of visitors who performed the target action (click, order, fill out a registration form, subscribe) to the total number of visitors who visited the website. Writing sales page content is a real art…

The main feature of sales page content is that its effectiveness can be evaluated. The main criterion is conversion – the ratio of visitors who performed the target action (click, order, fill out a registration form, subscribe) to the total number of visitors who visited the website.

Writing sales page content is a real art that requires knowledge and skills in psychology, marketing, and modern sales techniques. But using our recommendations, you can cope with this difficult task yourself. Our tips will help you create clear and compelling text for a sales page that will bring you sales.

Prepare to the writing powerful sales page content

Unlike in the case of content marketing, you don’t need to promote the content. But before you create your powerful sales page content, you must decide what and to whom you will sell and where you will look for potential customers and partners:

  • Carefully research your product/service and marketing plan. Creating a desire to buy is one of the main tasks of powerful sales page content. You need to present the information so that the reader is left with no doubt that only your proposal will dramatically change his life for the better. Therefore, you need to know the features and benefits of your product thoroughly and, most importantly, what advantages and opportunities people will receive from its use or cooperation with you.
  • Decide on the target audience and who your content is aimed at. This should not be the most detailed portrait of the candidate. Imagine who might be interested in your offer: men or women, what age, profession, level of knowledge, and income. You should understand your target audience’s interests, habits, desires, goals, fears, needs, and pains.

The preparatory stage is solved; now, we can proceed directly to writing powerful sales page content.

What structure of the powerful sales page text to choose?

There are dozens of formulas for writing sales page texts. They all consist of similar elements that can be combined and modified. The best result can be achieved by following structures.

ODC (offer-delay-call-to-action)

ODC is the simplest model used to write powerful sales page content. The content structure consists of only 3 elements: a compelling proposal (highlighted in the headline and further elaborated in the lead), a time or quantity limit, and a persuasive call to action.


  • Offer: How to make your first $1,000 in a week? A private webinar will tell you how to get a quick start in crypto mining and help you develop an action plan.
  • Deadline: The number of participants is limited. The first 10 people will be able to attend the webinar.
  • Appeal: Register now and get a free checklist.

ODC is the most simple structure of the sales page content.

AIDA (attention-interest-desire-action)

AIDA is over 100 years old but hasn’t lost its effectiveness because it’s based on sales psychology, influences the reader’s emotions, and is easily adaptable.

The essence of AIDA is to attract the target audience’s attention through an intriguing title or an attractive image. Interest is then piqued by focusing on the problem. Pressing on painful points, a desire to possess the product is formed. The person should get enough information to be motivated to purchase. Usually, AIDA texts work through positive emotions.


  • Headline: Learn how to connect 20 people each month in the first line.
  • Now you need to immerse the reader in a situation where the problem has already been solved: Imagine new customers and partners getting in line with you.
  • Reinforce the effect: You’ve finally succeeded. You’ve become a TOP leader. Your team appreciates and admires you, and all the naysayers who dissuaded you from working take their hats off.
  • Next, bring the visitor down to earth and remind him that this is not really the case. The man has already tasted victory and is eager to learn how to achieve that result. And you offer him a great solution: Tomorrow, I’ll be hosting a free webinar where I’ll reveal all the secrets of effective online recruiting.
  • Call to action: Register now, before someone else takes your place.

AIDA is the most common structure of the sales page content.

PMHS (pain-more pain-hope-solution)

Although PMHS is similar to AIDA, it is used slightly differently. Example: For clarity, let’s break down the formula from the previous example.

  • Headline: Learn how to connect 20 people each month in the first line. Tired of rejections? There’s a solution!
  • This is followed by 2-3 sentences pointing out the problem: Many networkers find that their acquaintance list is over, and there are no results.
  • Emphasis on pain: If you don’t connect at least 2 people a week into your structure, your business is doomed to fail.
  • Increasing pains: The saddest part is that your mentor can’t or won’t help you. What to do? Quit the business and work for your uncle again?
  • Solution: Tomorrow, I will hold a free webinar to reveal all the secrets of effective online recruiting. The number of seats is 50. 47 people have already registered.
  • Although there is no call to action in the classic version, the reader needs to be told exactly what he needs to do to solve the problem you’ve been trying so hard to aggravate: Register now before someone else takes your place.

Of course, there is no perfect formula for sales page content. Test several options to choose the most effective one.

Tips for writing sales page content

In the 21st century, people are trying to limit themselves to advertising. Therefore, you have no more than 3-5 seconds to catch the visitors’ attention. They will stay on your sales page and buy if the content will have real value and help solve urgent problems. Essay Tigers writing company recommends considering the following points when writing powerful sales page content.

Proper headline

The proper headline is 50% of success because it is the most powerful selling trigger. Typically, the headline contains an offer or sales pitch, creating intrigue and an incentive for further actions. A subheading or first lead paragraph enhances the effect. Emphasize the main benefit and present it so the reader can’t get past it. A simple headline change can result in a tenfold increase in sales.

Sell the benefits, not the product

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer preoccupied with his pains, worries, and dreams. He has little interest in the characteristics of your product; he wants to realize his desires and get rid of his problems. Write in the benefits language, using the construction of “because.” Start your sentences with what your potential customer wants, then back up the benefits with product features.

Write about the result, not the process

When describing prospects buying a product or service, use the present tense and talk about the result the person will receive as a fait accompli. For example, not “Take advantage of a unique opportunity to take an online training course on structure automation,” but “Just 30 minutes a day of training. You forget what a chore is and put your business processes on autopilot.”

More factual

People like specifics and are used to trusting numbers. Use these levers by citing statistics and analytics in your sales page content, talk about the tools and technologies you use, as well as specific people on your team and their achievements.

Forget about stamps and clericalism

“Our company is the market leader,” “unique products,” “best terms of cooperation,” “wide assortment.” These empty phrases have long become boring to everyone. If you want to convey your offer to your target audience, be detail-oriented, back up the information with facts and arguments and turn them into benefits for the client.

Use magic words such as “free,” “discount,” “remainder,” and “promotion” 

You should use offers that are limited to a clear time frame. While trivial, they work like magic spells.

The strongest arguments should be at the beginning of the sales page content

The reader should decide before he gets to the end of the sales page content. After all, there is no guarantee that the content will be completely read.

Write in simple human language

Complex specific content with obscure wording discourages even those readers who specifically came to your website. Avoid unnecessary phrases and words that do not carry the meaning.

Logic is your best friend

Sales page content should have a clear sequence of text – a chain of meaningful blocks with logical transitions.

Size matters

Informativeness and brevity are especially important for sales page content. Long “sheets” of content with lots of pictures and graphical elements complicate the perception of information (especially on mobile devices) and reduce the conversion rate. However, you can argue with this statement.

Use storytelling

It is no secret that people easily perceive and remember stories, not dry information. We mean stories about customers who were able to solve similar problems with your product or partners who have earned thousands of dollars in your team. They are more attractive to the audience than content listing the properties and characteristics of the product.


Writing good sales page content with the proper structure, demonstration of crucial benefits, and a motivating call to action is not easy. This requires certain knowledge and constant practice. But by adhering to the tips above, you’ll be able to write powerful sales page content that will bring you sales.

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