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How to teach digital marketing online

Looking to teach digital marketing online? Here is everything you need to know about the different steps involved in starting your own course

Looking to teach digital marketing online? It is the right time to start teaching it as the demand for digital marketing has surged in the pandemic period.

A couple of decades ago, no one would have thought that we could sit at home and sell a product/service instead of going house after another. This has been made possible only with the help of digital marketing. Though there are certain similarities between traditional marketing and digital marketing, digital marketing has always been a step ahead in terms of convenience and the size of the target audience covered.

For a budding entrepreneur who wants to compete with existing businesses, then he/she has to know and understand the nuances of digital marketing. 

This is an excellent opportunity for an e-tutor like you. When you create a course on digital marketing, it can fetch you great revenues since thousands of people are on the lookout for learning digital marketing techniques to promote their business. 

In this blog, we will walk you through the steps to create an online digital marketing course using an LMS.

Steps to teach digital marketing online

Here are the different steps to start a digital marketing course – 

Framing the syllabus

A perfect course constitutes a well-structured syllabus. A syllabus provides an opportunity to give a glimpse about your course and also sets an expectation for the learners. Now the important question is what should your syllabus look like.

Remember, to become an expert in digital marketing, your students should be well-versed in the basics of how websites work, how ads are processed, role of search engines and so on. Hence, start your course by teaching the basics of digital marketing. 

There are several courses in digital marketing that try to cover core topics like SEO, PPC, CPC, ads, SEO vs PPC, and other major differences in just a few lines without talking about what they actually stand for. Don’t make those mistakes. These might be very basic terms but they form the crux of digital marketing. In summary, frame the syllabus in such a way that there is more attention on the basics of digital marketing.

Teach digital marketing online

Talk about how digital marketing is useful for them

There are high chances that most of your target audience might be unaware of the benefits of digital marketing. They might have just heard about it. That’s all. These people expect a genuine reason to purchase a course on digital marketing. So whenever you introduce the course, talk about the importance of digital marketing in detail and how it will benefit them in the short run and long run.

Teach only the important tools

Digital marketing is all about theory and practice. Most of the popular courses often introduce hundreds of tools to the student in an attempt to show that they are getting a good value for money. However, this can be highly counter-productive as students get overwhelmed with too many things to learn and end up learning nothing. They will not know where to use them. 

While framing your course, think twice about what you are going to teach and which tools suit your purpose. Pick only those and ignore the rest. 


Putting the theories into practice always yields excellent results. As the popular adage goes, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Conduct DIY activities in between different modules to engage the learners and make them understand digital marketing better. For example, ask a student to write a blog for a website and enrich it with keywords. Let them track the rank of that blog over a period and see if there is any improvement. This enables the learners to gain confidence in their skills.

Offer Certificates

Industries are looking for certified digital marketing professionals to sell their products and services in the market. A certificate for a course like digital marketing opens many career opportunities for the learner in the industry. So offer a certificate for your digital marketing course as it will greatly help the students in the present industry situation.

At the same time, it is also beneficial for you and your course. It gives that much-needed authenticity to your course and increases its value among the learners. 

Designing certificates is easy with Learnyst’s Certificate Builder.

Keep updating your course

Digital marketing is a dynamic subject that keeps changing with industrial trends. Your course should also keep evolving with these trends and avoid getting outdated. This will help the students to be abreast of the latest concepts in digital marketing and help in their interview preparation.

Pricing your course

The last step is pricing your course correctly. Evaluate your course based on the content weightage, the time invested in creating the entire course, and the expected profit. Fix a price based on these parameters.

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Using Learnyst to teach digital marketing online

Learnyst is an LMS provider that allows you to create and manage online courses irrespective of the subject. The myriad of features offered by Learnyst makes it the one-stop solution for creating courses on digital marketing.

Apart from course creation, Learnyst also helps you to market the course to your potential audience. Learnyst supports various authoring tools where you can create the content for the course and then integrate with the LMS. The other features offered by Learnyst include performance tracking, certificate designing, and attendance management software.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with Learnyst today and get started with your digital marketing teaching journey. 

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