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How to sell courses using Facebook?

Social media has grown significantly over the years. Facebook is at top, here where we sell courses using facebook.

sell courses using Facebook

Social media has grown significantly over the years.  Many apps and platforms have been using social media to build brand awareness and gain customers. Facebook is one of the most powerful social media tools for this purpose due to its huge user base. Unlike platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook has users from every age group. 

Started as a knowledge-sharing community, Facebook has also become a go-to platform for many marketing campaigns. An ad posted on Facebook reaches everyone, right from a teenager located in India to a 60-year-old woman located in Australia.  So if you are an e-learning teacher, and you wish to expand your student base with minimal investment,  then Facebook is the way to go.

In this blog post, we will see how to sell courses using Facebook along with the benefits of using this particular platform.

Why use Facebook for marketing your courses?

Facebook is the largest social media platform on the platform. And it is rated third on the number of visitors per day,  after Google and Youtube. Here are some interesting facts and reasons why you should consider Facebook as an option for selling your online courses –

A proven platform for small businesses

According to a report, 90 million small businesses like online education, e-learning academies, and private tutors use Facebook as a tool for their marketing practices.

Large user base

Many people use Facebook on a daily basis and there are high chances of your ad getting portrayed on the walls of thousands of users. Experts predict that the number of Facebook users in India alone is expected to reach nearly 444.2 million by 2023.

Successful sales channel

Almost 80% of Facebook users have discovered a variety of products through Facebook ads and have bought them. This means your course has a high chance of getting sold, provided it has good content. But the key takeaway is that people are interested in buying through Facebook.

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Prerequisites for selling an online course on Facebook

Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, many teachers turned into online tutors and developed their own teaching academy. But attracting students became a challenge due to high competition in the online teaching business. This is where advertising on Facebook can help.

But before you start advertising on Facebook, there are some pre-requisites that you need to consider. 

Prerequisite 1

Plan and evaluate your expenditure on ads. Never ever start advertising without knowing your expenditure and timeline. Advertising always costs a lot and you need to be prepared to spend heavily on them. Before posting an ad on Facebook make sure that you meet the following criteria:

  • You know your target market and the audiences.
  • You have proof of concept to showcase. In simple words, a previously recorded class that you had used to teach your students. This is to show how good you are.
  • The total cost to acquire new customers.

Prerequisite 2

Though Facebook promotes products, it is not an e-commerce portal where people just come and buy. Users have their priorities and would prefer socializing and interacting. This means that your ad should be more interactive and make your customers curious about your courses.

Prerequisite 3

Make sure you have all the course materials and content ready before starting to advertise. You should also have all the essentials details like a list of your course price, the duration of your course, and a trial lesson(if possible).

Prerequisite 4

Build a list of contacts on Facebook to widen your reach. Talk to Facebook advertising experts who might give some useful tips for promoting your course without incurring any huge losses.

But remember this, even though Facebook is a robust and powerful platform, especially for advertising,  it has millions of users already promoting their products every day. To stand out among the crowd, you might have to put in a lot of effort and carefully plan the entire activity.

How to sell online courses using Facebook?

Since Facebook has users from different demographics such as age group, financial status, etc. it is quite easy for you to target a large audience. Imagine being able to reach the millennials and the elderly on the same platform. 

Interestingly, the number of users in each of these demographics has been multiplying year on year and it will continue to grow. Whenever an ad posted on Facebook is clicked by these users, it makes them visit your website. This increases your visitor count and your brand visibility.

Also, you get to access all the important details of a user on Facebook such as age, gender, interests, etc. This greatly helps in targeted promotions. All these benefits have made Facebook Ads emerge as the trending platform for advertising after Google Ads. Though you might have to spend more on ads on Facebook in the initial days, at the end of the day, you will have your course sold out.

Some simple steps that can be followed for selling courses using Facebook are – 

  • Build a community for your course.
  • Name your Facebook group by using simple keywords that people might use while searching for your course.
  • Be clear of what you post on your group.
  • Promote your group by asking people to join.
  • Have links that redirect the users to your course page.

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How Learnyst collaborates with Facebook?

Learnyst has always helped its customers by partnering with powerful platforms in the past. Facebook is one such example. Learnyst recommends all its users to use Facebook Pixel for marketing their courses. 

Facebook Pixel is a code snippet that allows you to track visitor activity on your website. It also helps to improve your Facebook Ads dashboard, reduce cost, and take necessary actions. In a broad sense, Facebook Pixel brings you a guaranteed return on investment on your marketing.

Features of Facebook Pixel include:

  • Optimization of ads thereby leading to better conversion ratio.
  • Group audience based on their interests/search results by tracking their activities.
  • Retargeting courses
  • Conversion tracking for improvements

This is a small list of how Facebook Pixel combined with Learnyst can boost your sales revenue for your online course. To know more about this, click here.

What’s Next?

Now that you have seen how to sell courses using Facebook, it is time for some action. If you are already a user of Facebook, just sign up with Learnyst and combine the power of two powerful platforms to start selling your courses in huge numbers.

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