How to promote your online coaching business

How to promote your coaching business?

Most tutors do not have the answer to the question – How to promote your coaching business. This post is going to answer that.

Quora, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit – Do you know what connects these platforms? Apart from being top social media tools, they are the perfect platforms to promote your online coaching business. Promoting your online coaching business is an art – spending the right amount of time on the right platform is the difference between the success and failure of your business. 

E-commerce became one of the fast-growing industries in the world and a major part of its success goes to digital marketing.  Anybody who stepped into e-commerce by focusing on digital marketing had never left without tasting success. 

Similarly, digital marketing has a huge role to play in the e-learning industry. Thanks to platforms like Facebook and various Learning Management Systems, creating and promoting courses online became a walk in the park.

In this post, we are going to deep dive and understand how to promote your coaching business.

Why online classes in the first place?

Online classes have proven to be a worthy platform for sharing knowledge with the entire world in just a few clicks. Students attending an online course may do so from any corner of the world. This helps you attain a global reach for your course.

If you are a salaried employee, your online courses are the perfect channel to generate a secondary and passive income. Due to the massive recession these days, where many are jobless, it can even turn out to be a primary source of income.

Unlike regular businesses, the online course business needs very minimal investment. The major investments include the procuring of equipment needed for the course and promotional activities.

Creating online courses helps in building a personal brand. With more and more courses, your brand climbs up the ladder, and you become ‘visible’ on social media with a huge follower base.

Why promote your online coaching business?

Owning an online coaching business is no easy task. However, it is total fun at the same time. With the pandemic situation, the entire education system had changed and moved to a new methodology of teaching and learning. 

If you are willing to start your journey as an e-tutor this is the right time to start your online classes. However, the competition is heavy. This is where promoting your online coaching business helps. Remember this – by promoting your online coaching business, you can tap into those students who are continuously on the look-out for courses to gain extra knowledge apart from their regular classroom sessions. 

Taking your courses to social media for marketing purposes is one of the best things. Social media is an extremely powerful tool that can help in promotions. Since your customers are students, they are avid users of social media in today’s age. Your course can get a massive following on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Quora, and Reddit. These are also the social media platforms where teenagers are found in huge numbers. 

Top marketing channels for promoting your online coaching business

Marketing needs a considerable investment which you can never elude in an e-learning business. While planning for an online course, as a first step, work out the capital for marketing and promotions. To make the task easier for you, we have listed below the top marketing channels that have proven to be successful for many edupreneurs – 


Quora is the largest discussion forum found on the Internet to date. It is a place where a visitor searches for an answer to his/her queries. On Quora, you can ask any question you like, and people will answer. Alternatively, you can also use Quora to answer others’ questions. 

Try to answer multiple questions about your subject and keep contributing. Visitors will slowly start thinking of you as a subject matter expert and might start requesting you to answer their questions. Your visibility and brand presence multiples. Also by adding a link to your course at the end of every answer, you can gain more visitors to your website/course page.

Here is a short read on how to promote your course on Quora.


Instagram is the current trending social media platform. Most millennials, aged between 18-30 are an active or occasional user of it. This means you can easily target these users for your courses. Also, statistical reports say that people are bound to purchase new items through ads from Instagram. This shows that your course has a very high chance of getting sold if it has promising content.

Also, statistical reports say that people are bound to purchase new items through ads from Instagram. This shows that your course has a very high chance of getting sold if it has promising content.

how to promote your coaching business

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Started as a social-sharing website, Facebook became the biggest go-to platform for marketing campaigns. There are several cases where an ad posted on Facebook reaches over a million views within a few minutes and the advertised product gets sold out within hours. 

Facebook has a vast array of users from different demographics. This makes it easier to reach a large audience on a single platform. Whenever a learner clicks on your ad, it automatically redirects to your course website thereby increasing the viewer count and ultimately your brand visibility shoots up.

how to promote your coaching business

Here is a quick guide on how to market your course using Facebook.


One of the best ways to boost your sales revenue from your courses is to go for the largest content aggregator website in the world – Reddit. One of the unique features of Reddit is the subreddits (a forum within Reddit where people share information about a specific topic). Those who know to use it right can experience great success through Reddit marketing. Reddit only encourages original content and you can discuss topics on the particular communities built for the same. For example, r/elearning is a subreddit where you can discuss and answer queries related to e-learning.

how to promote your coaching business

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Write a blog

Blogging is another way to promote your course. A blog has the power to engage people and make their heads turn towards your course. You can improve the brand value of your course by writing reader-attractive blogs. An important part of blogging is SEO. For the blog to be easily visible to your audience in the search engine, you need to follow SEO guidelines where you use relevant keywords in the blog content that brings your blog to the top of search results.

Host a Webinar

As part of your promotions, you can even consider hosting a live webinar and talking about your subject and give a brief introduction about your course. You can also use social media to promote the webinar and invite more people to attend the session. Through webinars, you also get to interact with your target audience and know them better. You can even use a QR code generator to create custom QR codes that you can have on your website, as a part of your email signature, and even at the end of the webinar for users to download any files or to be redirected to your social media page or website. This will help you track scans and understand how many attendees were able to benefit from the webinar.

Email marketing

One of the oldest marketing techniques in the world, email marketing is still relevant in getting viewers to your course. As a first step, collect the email address of your target audience. Then introduce yourself and your course curriculum to them. You can also ask their personal preferences on how they want the course to be. This will help you to customize the courses based on your target audience’s preference.

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What are the next steps?

Learnyst is a platform of opportunities for educators. It has an enormous number of features that you can use to explore, create, promote, and sell your e-course. You can also use Learnyst to market your course to your learners, thanks to hundreds of marketing features available in it. To know more about all these features contact us today. Or sign up for a 14-day trial to experience all the marketing features first-hand.

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