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How to get my training program accredited in India

Wondering how to get my training program accredited? Here is a quick guide for you on the steps to achieve your goal and succeed.

How to get my training program accredited in India

Would you spend your hard-earned money on a medicine that is not approved by the FDA or the CDSCO? No sane person will be willing to do so. These accreditations prove that the medicines serve their purposes and are safe. The same is true for getting your online training program accredited. Not only does it add a lot of value to the program, but it also makes it easier to sell. If you’re asking yourself “how to get my training program accredited?”, this article is for you. Read on! 

What is accreditation of courses?

Any course that should be taken seriously needs to be accredited. There are a number of private and non-government organizations that review courses and institutes on a voluntary basis and also for their own quality measures by other bodies. This external quality check is carried out by professionals and other subject matter experts from the respective industries on a voluntary basis. A course can also be accredited by a company that is a leader in its industry. For example, courses on advertising can be accredited by a large advertising company like Ogilvy

Why is accreditation important?

The following are the reasons why asking yourself “how to get my training program accredited” is important: 

  • Accreditation ensures that the course a student takes up will be recognized as an achievement given to students from a quality institute. 
  • It is used to maintain minimum standards for courses. 
  • It gives students the confidence that the education they are paying for will results in opening up better opportunities once they complete the course. Also, most employers check to see if candidates have earned certifications from an accredited online training program. 
  • It helps you stand out as genuine because there are a lot of fraudulent courses online. 
  • Accredited courses can command a premium price.
  • Marketing accredited courses will reap better results. 

How to get my training program accredited in India? 

When it comes down to the all-important question of “how to get my training program accredited”, there are two paths you could take. One is to get it done through a university or the accredited professional development route. This can be a bit confusing because a professional development route can be offered by a university as well. 

If you want your course to be taken seriously by your target audience, it has to be niche and tied to a profession that has sanctioning bodies. These bodies determine the number of approved continuing education units that a course is worth maintaining professional certification. Real estate brochure design holds significant importance across various industries such as real estate, healthcare, finance, and more. To ascertain whether your course will be recognized, it’s advisable to directly engage with industry-specific organizations. Reach out to them and inquire about their specific criteria for recognition. You can directly talk to these industry-specific organizations to see what criteria they have and if you can eventually get your course recognized. 

Partnering with universities is a bit different. The smarter option is to first get an individual body to accredit your course. This is to build up your reputation and then use that as leverage for university recognition. But bear in mind that the university will be the ones in control. Your course will be subjected to their perception of the market. It won’t seem legit enough for them if your course is accredited by a mediocre and largely unknown individual body. 

What is Learnyst?

Learnyst is a one-of-a-kind Learning Management Platform (LMS) that empowers individual online tutors as well as online institutes to effortlessly create and sell courses online. Over 400 clients have leveraged our platform on which they create visually stunning courses using templates. The following are some of the most liked features of Learnyst: 

  • Responsive website that looks great on mobile as well 
  • We can also help you create a custom mobile app for your course. 
  • Templates for your website as well as for other content like quizzes
  • All pages built on Learnyst are SEO optimized
  • Easy integration with almost all authoring tools 
  • Seamless integration with third-party tools like Mailchimp. 

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So, what are the next steps? 

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