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How to delegate online coaching centre tasks to your team?

Unable to handle all your tasks on you own in your coaching centre? Try delegating work. Here's everything you need to know about delegation.

Delegation of tasks is considered one of the toughest jobs in the world and a coaching centre is no different. Many find it difficult to delegate their work to a third person. But it is quite important for you to master the art of delegation to succeed as the owner of a coaching centre.

Its success greatly depends on coordination and teamwork as it is bound to have plenty of work . It is nearly impossible to handle them as a single person. You need to split and share your work responsibilities with your team so that the work gets completed not only on time but also with great effectiveness. For split-sharing the workload in your coaching centre, all you need to do is to hunt and have the right team with you. 

No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit.”

Dale Carnegie

In this blog, we will be giving some practical tips on how to delegate work, how to recruit a team, and how to use a platform like Learnyst to reduce your workload in coaching centre.

The ‘Why’ Factor

The entire course creation process consumes your time and prevents you from attending more mission critical tasks. This ultimately leads to poor results at the end. 

Delegating work to your team enhances productivity, builds trust, and also helps you identify the best performers to reward and nurture them as future leaders. 

In short, delegation gives you the complete picture of your team, their capabilities, and their weaknesses. Here are all such benefits you reap when you delegate work –

More time for ideating

By sharing most of the work with your teammates, you can focus on how to make your course better. It will give you ample time to come up with more creative ideas that can be beneficial for you as well as your students.

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Improves your managerial skills

While identifying the right persons for each of your tasks, your managerial skills are automatically improving without your knowledge. By the end of your course, you would have gained significant levels of leadership skills that you can use in your next venture.

Helps to build a competitive team

Delegation of course work helps to come up with a strong team of members who are working towards a common goal. Remember – delegation is not about following instructions but making decisions in critical situations. When you delegate work, every member of your team automatically becomes an owner and they can make decisions without having to consult you every time.

Delegation is a trust builder

When you share confidential work details with your teammates, you develop trust with them. When the teammates feel that they are trusted, they tend to work more constructively for you. Hence delegation is considered to be an excellent channel to build trust.

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These are some reasons why you should consider sharing your workload with your team. Delegation is always a win-win situation. As much as it benefits you, it benefits your team as well.

Procedure for Work Delegation

Now that you know why you should delegate, it’s time to understand the ‘how’ of it. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to delegate work with your team.

Identify the task

Not all work can be delegated to your teammates. Only those tasks that you think can be achieved by an individual should be assigned. As a first step, identify and make a list of those tasks that consume too much of your time, work that is of lower priority to you, and then start delegating. 

For instance, emailing every student their performance during an assessment might be time consuming, but it is important. Such tasks can be delegated to your team. You can even assign a dedicated person for the purpose.

Select the right person

The next step is to find out to whom the task should be delegated. Some people might have the ability to complete a task more smartly. Some might have the appropriate skill sets for tackling complex situations, or some might just have the ability to learn and perform. Categorize your team according to the above characteristics and decide which work can be assigned to whom.

Define the Task

After selecting the right persons for the work, the next step is to define the tasks for them. Explain to them clearly what is needed of them. While defining the work, focus only on the final result and not on how it should be done. Do not forget to discuss with them the different possibilities of errors that can occur in the tasks and clear them in the initial stages. Always be open to clarify their doubts.

Level the responsibilities

Every member of the team should have a certain level of responsibilities and authority up to which they can make their own decisions. Assign the responsibility levels to your teammates. For instance, if you have a web developer in your team, he/she is responsible for the entire development of your course website and uploading your course modules to it. Minor decisions lie within his/her authority and major decisions should have your approval. 

Establish completion targets

Every task should have a time frame that should be clearly mentioned while delegating it. Before you set the time, discuss with the team members on how much time they would need to complete the task. Set a deadline based on mutual agreement. The team members should be well aware of the importance of the work and the importance of working within a deadline. Keep monitoring the tasks closely and point out if there is any lag that can be rectified before it gets too late.

Motivate your team

Motivation plays a major role in delegation. Completely trust your team and motivate them regularly to get the tasks completed on time. Work with them and resolve any difficulties faced by them. When they believe that you are confident of their work, they will start giving you maximum output.

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Follow-up and offer feedback

Your work does not end when you delegate it to your team. It is your responsibility to monitor and follow up regularly. Ask for updates on a regular basis and be well aware of what is going on. Give feedback for their work and make them rectify their mistakes on time. This is also a way of training them to be more competitive.

Recognize best performers

It is human nature to expect recognition for a work done. Giving credit to your team members enhances their loyalty and encourages them to work more for you in future projects. For instance, a creative design on your website might attract a large number of students to join your coaching centre. Recognize the person who did it and appreciate him, preferably in public. This boosts his instincts to come up with more creative ideas for your online course.


Finally, after all the work is done, it falls upon you to review the team’s work before deploying it to production. Analyze and compare with your desired results and learn from your mistakes. Give training to your teammates regularly and help them in their growth journey.

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