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How to create high value courses?

Want to know how to create high value courses? This post gives you a step by step guide on building a high value course in no time.

How to create high value courses

‘How to create high value courses’-  the answer to this question can help you grow in your career as an e-tutor. Most people do not know how to progress in their careers and are on the constant search for new ideas to grow. If you are also one of those, then you have come to the right place. 

If you are passionate about teaching, then e-learning could be an excellent option for you. Creating courses of high-value can help you climb the ladder of success very quickly. A course is considered a high-value one when it has rich learning content that serves as an excellent guide to the students for their learning.

These high-value courses are focused more on practical learning than on bookish education. Applying the concepts learned is the main feature of a high-value course. These courses motivate the students to apply their conceptual thinking in a situation and get the desired output.

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How to create high value courses?

As an edupreneur, it is important that you make a good profit out of your online course. Creating high-value courses is one of the proven steps to churn out massive revenues. These courses have the potential to captivate the student and make them use the concepts learned in their day-to-day life.

Here are the steps needed to design a high-value course – 

Requirement Assessment

The first and foremost step to creating a high-value course is assessing the requirements of the students. You can’t just create a course and force it in the market. This will only make you incur incredible losses.

You ought to know what your student wants. There should be a strong correlation between your expertise and your students’ requirements. While creating the course, try to answer the following 3 questions from a student’s perspective.

  1. Who are your students?
  2. What do they expect out of your course?
  3. How will your course benefit them?

Answering these questions will make your course have a better reach that too to the correct target audience. For instance, you might have enormous expertise in content writing and you are looking to create a course for freelance writers. The answer to the above questions will be – 

  1. Budding writers who have just chosen to become freelancers and searching for new clients. 
  2. They are looking for tips to attract clientele.
  3. Your course will teach them how to promote their brand through different channels such as social media.

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Define the learning objectives

Objectives help the learners to get an idea about the course and how it satisfies their requirements. But what if they opt for the course and get diverted from the objectives just because they did not understand the objectives clearly? The learners will certainly get demotivated and start doubting the purpose of the course in the first place.

In short, they miss the value of the course and drop out of it. To avoid this, it is better to break down the overall learning objectives for every module in the curriculum. 

Content creation

Content is at the core of any course and the creation of quality content is one of the primary tasks to make your course a success. Course lessons should be crafted according to the type of audience and their specifications. Avoid giving away too much information since it results in the non-participation of the students. Create simple lessons that are easy to interpret and easy to gain knowledge.

Creating course lessons based on a reverse-engineered approach yields better results. For instance, instead of giving a course directly on how to write an SOP for your master’s degree, start by explaining why it is important. This is how you make your course more valuable. You can even add your personal experiences to enrich the flavor of the course content.

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Motivate your students

It is not enough to just keep teaching your students. They should apply what they have learned in real-life to get a better idea about the applications of the topic. This will only come through continuous motivation from your side as a tutor.

This can be done through simple assignments, random projects, live seminars, etc. Remember this – The real value of a course lies not just in teaching but also in implementing what is being taught.


The final step in creating a high-value course is evaluating the lesson plan with respect to the stated objectives. It is not necessary that you teach everything you know just because you are enthusiastic. It will just make your students overwhelmed. This is where you need to refer to the objectives. Create minimum possible content that is required to satisfy the defined objectives. Sringent evaluation can be done with the following steps.

  • Is there any unnecessary content material creeping into the curriculum? They can be converted into a set of practice materials for the students or can be used for assignments and quizzes.
  • Have a thorough look at the content and check whether all the objectives have been met and also equally distributed across the course. 
  • Check if the assignments and quizzes created are within the understanding of even average students. Your teaching and assessment should not run in parallel tracks. They should rather go hand-in-hand.

You can use the above steps to create a high-value course on your own and then integrate it with an LMS platform like Learnyst to make the most out of it.

Integration of LMS and a high-value course

Now that you know how to create high value courses, it is time to take a major leap –  a platform to host and sell your course – the LMS. LMS or Learning Management System (LMS) is the best option available in the market in recent times for marketing your courses. Platforms like Learnyst are the best places to build and integrate your course to generate a better ROI.

The integration is important because it helps organize your course data. Compliance with e-learning standards also needs to be followed mandatorily for a high-value course. An LMS helps to meet those regulations and also keeps you posted about the changes happening. Moreover, for the security part, most LMS, including Learnyst, come with high DRM encryption standards that protect your course from being stolen.

What’s Next?

With Learnyst, you can create your own high-value course in no time that is on par with the industry standards. This will help you give a major boost to your career as an e-tutor. Sign up with Learnyst today for a free 14-day trial. Explore the different next-gen features of Learnyst that can 

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