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How To Create A Math Quiz Online?

Here is everything you need to know about creating a successful math quiz online along with some tips to improve the engagement and success.

This blog post talks about how to create a math quiz online, Read the post in full in order to understand the process.

Who doesn’t love solving an interesting puzzle or attending a math quiz? For most of us, mathematics would have been our favorite subject back in school. 

Now if you are a mathematics teacher today, trust us – nothing much has changed today. Even today, you will find a bunch of inquisitive students in your class looking for challenges to solve and grow their knowledge. 

However, with the present pandemic situation, it has become impossible to interact in person with your students and pique their curiosity in mathematics even further.

Luckily, we have a solution – Online math quizzes.

It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to quench these students’ thirst for challenges.

Most online classes are supported by online quizzes mainly to test the students’ knowledge and get them to think in a short time. It is definitely one of the ways in which a teacher can help improve the critical thinking capabilities in students.

However, creating math quizzes particularly is a little challenging. This is primarily attributed to the need to embed equations and symbols regularly in quizzes. This is where a Learning Management System can help. It has made the lives of mathematics teachers simpler allowing them to concentrate on other aspects of their teaching.

In this blog, we will walk you through how to create a math quiz in an LMS along with some tips to make your entire process seamless. But first, let us address the elephant in the room.

Why create online math quizzes?

Improve the math knowledge of students

Mathematics is an important subject in our lives that travels with us right from our school days till the end of our career. It is therefore essential that students’ mathematics knowledge is continuously tested and refreshed time and again. And the best way to do it during these troubled times is through an online maths quiz where neither the teacher has to venture out of their house nor the students, thereby ensuring safety for all.

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Improvement in career opportunities

Almost 9 out of 10 hiring exams today test the candidate’s mathematics knowledge. Without an online quiz (that mimics the real-world question) available at the comfort of their homes, students might find it hard to prepare for these exams as they no longer can visit coaching institutes for preparation.

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Engaging for the students

Some people just love maths. They love solving math puzzles as it helps them to entertain themselves. At the same time, students who have joined a mathematics course would need a refresher now and then. Such quizzes in between different modules will help break the monotonicity of your course thereby engaging the students.

How to prepare an online quiz in Learnyst?

Learnyst is India’s homegrown LMS platform that has been carefully designed to help math tutors conduct their classes and assessments effortlessly. Thanks to the powerful assessment creation tool and a wide array of features that comes along with Learnyst, creating different forms of math quizzes in Learnyst is easy. The Latex feature and equation editor in particular are the stand-out features of Learnyst specifically crafted for math tutors.

On that note, let us understand how to quickly create your first math quiz online in Learnyst. 

Create an online test

The first step is to create an online test using Learnyst Test Maker. First, log in with your credentials to enter the Learnyst dashboard. To create an effective math quiz, pick the multiple-choice question (MCQ) format as most quizzes are of that format these days. 

Create the questions and answers using the Latex feature

After the successful creation of the online test in the MCQ format, the next step is to write the answer choices that might contain math equations. To help you with that, Learnyst offers the Latex feature. 

Now before writing equations in the latex form, it becomes essential to know what is latex in the first place. Most of us know math quizzes usually involve a lot of equations. To display them correctly on the screen, the equations need to be written in a digital format (which is also known as the latex form). 

Math quiz

To uncomplicate it even further, think of latex as a document preparation tool used for typing documents that involve equations and expressions.

For example, the mathematical expression √234 should be written in its latex form as $ \sqrt{234} $. 

Here is the complete list of mathematical expressions and their corresponding Latex Forms.

Learnyst’s equation editor feature allows you to write equations in 2 writing modes – the inline mode and the display mode. The inline mode is used for writing equations that are part of a text while the display mode involves writing equations that aren’t part of the text.

Upload the questions

After framing the questions in the latex format, the next step is to upload the questions to the Learnyst Question Builder The question builder page is where you create or import mathematical questions in latex form directly from the equation editor.

Math quiz

This is what Learnyst’s Equation Editor Page looks like –

Math quiz

In an equation editor, you can write as many equations in latex form and export them to the question builder to frame them as questions or answers. 

Pro Tip – Use ‘$’ and ‘$$’ to differentiate between single line and multiline equations.

Save and Upload

Finally, after importing all the questions to your online test, click on save. Your math quiz is all set for the launch.

How to make your online math quiz more engaging?

Here are some tips and strategies to make your quiz better – 

Ensure that the questions are easy to understand

Interpreting the questions easily by the students is one of the important ways to make your math quiz interesting for the students. A complex test with impossible questions is going to make your students give up instantly instead of challenging their intellect. Frame the questions in such a way that it is easy to understand and also challenging enough to make them think.

Add pictures

A text-only quiz has always been the norm particularly in a country like India for many years. But this is fine in an offline exam. When it comes to online exams, you are bound only by your creativity. Most of the test-building tools these days make it so simple to add and embed images in your quizzes. Try adding cartoons or any characters to explain the question. This could make the students more engaged with the test and could even improve the results. 

Offer feedback

Do not restrict yourself by providing just the correct answers to the questions after it has been evaluated. Give them proper explanations for every answer that can be understood easily by the students so that they do not repeat the same mistake again. In a subject like mathematics, there might be many ways to solve a problem. So always pick the easiest and shortest way instead of the one that you personally learned in the past.

What’s Next?

Ready to build your own online math quiz. Sign up for a free 14 day trial with Learnyst now and get started with evaluating your students.

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