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How to attract students to your online courses through meme marketing?

Looking for ways to promote your online courses? Have you tried meme marketing yet Here's everything you need to know about it.

Meme marketing has taken the world by storm. Marketers have started using memes for conveying their messages in an interesting and humorous way. As a user, no matter whatever platform you are on, you just can’t get away from the countless memes posted every day.

What started initially as a means of entertainment has now become one of the most successful brand promotion techniques. If you are an online course creator and looking to promote your course, meme marketing can be your ally.

In this post, we have covered some tips and strategies that will come in handy when you adopt meme marketing for your course. 

What is Meme Marketing?

meme marketing

A meme is a message that is conveyed to the audience through images, text or even gifs (predominantly) in a hilarious way. Memes are usually derived out of popular scenes and clippings from movies and web series. Due to their power of connecting with people easily, memes have gained humongous popularity in recent days. Another reason behind the huge popularity of meme marketing for brand promotions is that they create an impact on the customers and the message is conveyed in a subtle, yet efficient manner.

Benefits of Meme Marketing for Online Courses

Now that you have a basic understanding of what meme marketing is, let us understand the various benefits that meme marketing offers when adopted in the promotion of your online courses. 

Low Cost, High ROI

In the initial days, it is a common practice for course creators to look for the most inexpensive marketing tools and expect a high return on investment. Meme marketing fits this criterion perfectly. Marketing through memes does not incur heavy expenses, and all you need to have is a creative mind that can create eye-catching memes. Of course, you also need to have a good knowledge of different social media platforms, and a device to create the memes. The ROI will skyrocket when the memes have created enough buzz in the media.

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Memes are hugely popular because the users are able to connect with the message instantly. Since memes obviously attract a larger audience, the target base of your online course automatically increases. Also, when a meme is humorous and relatable, it gets etched in the minds of the viewers for a long time and goes viral.

Easy to Create

Creating eye-catching memes does not require any special technical skills. Any person with a smartphone and access to the internet can create instant memes using the various templates available for the purpose. You even have tailor-made apps using which you can create memes in the wink of an eye.

How to attract learners through meme marketing?

Define the type of meme

Like the course content you create, your memes should also be planned well and match your course brand voice. Understand clearly what kind of meme will appeal to your learners and pick the type of meme and humor that matches well with your brand. Memes vary a lot; some are even extremely weird and inappropriate. So pick very carefully.

As a first step, have a clear idea about your brand voice and brand value. Understanding them is not a difficult task; all you need to know is who your target audience is and what they like. Have a prototype of an ideal learner and make memes that cater to his/her expectations. 

Know your memes

Though creating memes appears to be simple, they are effective only when you understand them well. To create the perfect meme, you need to be completely aware of the specifics of the meme, the various formats, and the “meme-lingos”. There are various phrases in memes that can be used only with specific formats and situations.

When the content is slightly off the track, it could have a serious impact on your brand and make your audience leave you. This can be resolved only if you are a professional meme-creator or you hire an expert exclusively to create memes for your courses.

Have originality in your memes

This is one point that you should always remember. Create memes that are original in content and are unique in their humor. Try taking a picture of your course and use it as a template for your memes. This will increase the likelihood of your audience sharing your meme and recognize your course. Attracting learners in large numbers to your course is based on how original your memes are.

Repurpose memes

Memes can be shared; you can also share other’s memes on your social media handle if you find them relevant to your course. Many people might willingly offer to share their memes. Some even let you personalize it to add your own flavor. By repurposing memes by others and posting them on your social media pages, you gain more viewership with minimal effort.

Do not overdo it

Remember – you are a course owner. Your main focus should be on creating world-class content for your courses. Some course owners keep focusing on marketing activities and completely ignore the course quality. When you do that, your audience will stop trusting you for their needs. Strike a perfect balance between meme marketing and course creation. 

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