How Discount Coupons Help In Online Course Marketing

How Discount Coupons Help In Online Course Marketing

Just a few months ago, Udemy was offering a huge discount on their course sells, and some other online learning spaces joined the bandwagon. And that resulted in a huge increase in their course sells with more and more people signing up and purchasing the courses. So as you might ask that how discount coupons help in online course marketing? Well the whole trick lies in establishing the good will and and give them a good reason to purchase from you. Also once in a while, this kind of marketing attracts a lot of potential leads on your website and you can actually convert the lead through your email marketing.

How Discount Coupons Help In Online Course Marketing

So if we are to summarize how discount coupons help in online course marketing,  it can be broken down as below,

Increase In Course Sells

We agree it or not, a little discount on the purchase price of something we want or need gives us all the more reason to purchase the thing. And it is all the more evident by success of the discounted course sells in Udemy or the success of Big Billion Day of Flipkart or Amazon’s Great Indian Festival. Just a little something as a discount on the regular products prompt the people to make the purchase. Because we love it when we have to spend less than the usual product than the regular price. And your online institution should not be any different. Because even if you are selling your courses for little less than the usual, you will be selling your courses to more number of people. So the volume will be able to compensate for your discounted price.

Generate More Leads

Also the discounts mean more learners will be visiting your online school and sign up for your school. Now they may not make any purchase order right away, may be the exact course that they have been looking for is not there. Alternatively there might also be a possibility of they become dormant after the first course purchase. But using right marketing tool you can convert them to your loyal learner base.

Offer Discount Coupons For Your Courses With Learnyst

Now you might be thinking that how do one offer coupon code? And obviously there will be some technological heavylifting as well, to sync your coupon codes with your payment gateway. These might not feel like a walk in the garden if you are  not technologically adept. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up on a lucrative idea like this. And Learnyst is here at you service.

The Learnyst platform comes prepared with different marketing tools apart from the ones that you might need to create a course or conduct a mock test. And coupon code is one of our favorite tools to offer to our clients. And time and again, it proved to be useful in establishing a long term connection with the learners.

Also Learnyst offers different other marketing tools along with the feature of offering the coupon codes,

  1. Lead capturing using LEARNERS module
  2. Communication with learners using push message and email messenger etc.

So the leads that you generate using coupon codes, can be converted right on your website. And you don’t even need any other marketing tools from any other website. If you have any doubt or questions feel free to drop your comments below.

So what are you waiting for? Go and check out Learnsyt’s detailed offering at

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  1. you are right coupons are the main source of achieving our loyal customers without using any inbound or outbound market campaign every brand spent at least 15 to 25 percent for its advertisement and promotional add its a hundred time better idea that money we spent on advertisement if 3./. of them spending on promo codes then the result will be hundred times better as compared to an advertisement.

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