Future of Online Test Preparation – The Untapped Indian Education Sector

Future of online test preparation needs you to know the present market condition, the existing trends, the changing trends and what is expected in future.

So, you are an established teacher, who is planning to move your teaching business online. Or maybe, you are an aspirant teacher and you want to get started with teaching. Under both the circumstances, the thought, that will keep popping up in your head, is, what is the future of online teaching especially in the Indian education sector. Because just like any other venture, online teaching is also a venture that is very close to your heart. Even Online Teaching Is Helping Teachers To Transform Lives Of Millions. Rightfully so, if you ask me. So, before starting out on your favorite venture it is always advisable to get a clear idea of the future prospect. Knowing the future of online test preparation helps you planning your business properly, it gives you a clear idea about which road to take, and what can you expect out of it.

Why Market Prediction Is Important

Market prediction for any particular sector requires you to know the present market condition, the existing trends, the changing trends and what is expected out of those trends in a few years time, and more importantly, what is that one thing that is in high need. Because the success of a business relies on three important factors,

  • Identifying the market need
  • Understanding the market trends
  • Catering solution for the need

Unless you have a clear understanding of the first two factors, it is impossible to get to the third step. So here we are, helping you out with the most asked question of the past half a decade.

“What is the Future of Online Test Preparation in India?”

Present Day Condition (2017)

Over the course of the last 5-6 years, online learning has seen a sharp rise in popularity all across the globe. And India is not very far from catching up with the new trend of online learning. With so many competitive examinations taking place every year, the most common type of online teaching in India comprises of online test preparation.

As of 2017, the key information about the online test preparation sector are,

  • The estimated worth of online test prep as of 2017-18 is INR 40bn
  • The increase of net worth in the last half a decade is 20%
  • Online test preparation is seeing an all-time high demand

And these market trend is influenced by several factors. As per the Market experts, these factors will not only stay, they will grow stronger with every passing year. These factors include,

  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability

And combine these with the emerging trends like,

  • Online Competitive Exams
  • Easy access to the internet and smartphones
  • Development of interactive study material

While these factors are driving more and more students towards online learning, there are still gaps that need to be bridged. One of the main gaps is the lack of sufficient teachers who conduct online tests. Because till date, most of the Indian Test Prep Sector is functioning in traditional settings, and those institutes which break away from the norm and established their online presence, are already making it big.

Future Prediction

The future of online test preparation in Indian education is the sector is brighter than ever. It is estimated that by 2021 the net worth of the online test prep sector will reach a whopping INR 70,200cr with the total number of learners crossing a massive 18mn.

So if you are a teacher, this is your time to make a move and start teaching online. Because online teaching is the future of test preparation and you should start now to stay ahead of the competition.

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