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Features on Learnyst Test Maker to boost your employees’ productivity

Corporate Training School employees' training and productivity improvement strategies

Continuing in our endeavor to make your passion catch feathers, we at Learnyst  have brought a lot more new features and improvements in our Test Maker that can benefit you in boosting up your employee’s productivity.

If you are managing global team you  can use  Workforce planning software  to manage your team more efficiently. Additionally, you can also consider utilizing attendance management software to accurately track and monitor your global team’s attendance, ensuring better workforce planning and overall team efficiency.

If you are an employer, looking up to create corporate training courses for your employees, to groom them well for your corporation with good productivity potential, then you have to go through Learnyst Test Maker’s most advanced features, built just for you.

With Learnyst you can create your own customized corporate training school, train your employees, build courses that helps groom them for maximum productivity.

corporate training

Below are our latest features on our Test Maker, built just for you.

  1. Social Login
  2. Discussion forum
  3. Blog lesson
  4. Multiple admin
  5. Mock test percentile scoring
  6. Numerical Question type
  7. Quiz leaderboard.

Note: Scroll Down to know more on features offered by Learnyst. 

Social Login

Learnyst Test Maker now enables you to provide the Facebook login for employees to signup into your online teaching platform. Choose email signup or facebook signup or even both. Also, you can add more fields like mobile number, location to your normal email signup.

Step 1: In admin dashboard go to site builder –>Settings–>Signup Config. Click on Edit.

signup config

Step 2: select facebook checkbox and click on next.

facebook checkbox

Select the fields which you want to include for Facebook signup  and you can also make them mandatory or non-mandatory as per your requirement.

mandatory fields

Enter the Facebook App Id and Facebook App secret and click on Next. To get the Facebook App ID and Facebook App secret key you have to first create a Facebook app.

next fields

Once you are done with setting all the fields, click on Confirm and your settings gets saved successfully. You can preview your school landing page and see that Facebook signup shows up as per your settings.


Once you are done confirming your settings get saved successfully. You can see Facebook signup on your website preview.

Discussion forum

Discussion forum in our Test Maker helps students ask their questions and get clarifications. It helps them to interact with other students or faculty and get a better understanding of the course. Admin can also edit, delete or reply to questions.


HTML Blog Lesson

Create HTML Blogs as your lesson in your course and start adding your blogs as a lesson for students to read. You can add videos, images and free flowing text.

How to create HTML Lessons on Learnyst Test Maker

Multiple Admin

Learnyst Test Maker now enables you to add faculty members to manage courses and students. Just invite your faculty member and assign them courses, rest all Learnyst will take care.  Login into Learnyst Test Maker’s admin interface. Follow the below steps to do the same. Please note that this feature is available on Pro Plan and above.

Step 1: Go to drop down list on the top right corner of the admin dashboard and go to your school settings.

admin dashboard drop down

Step 2: Select the faculty tab and click on Add Member.

faculty tab

Step 3: Enter the details of the faculty and Click on Confirm.


Step 4: Define permissions for the faculty on a course as well as students by selecting the check boxes. You can assign particular course and it’s student management to particular faculty. You can also see the activity log which helps you keep track of the faculty’s activities.  So anyone simply cannot delete the course and escape. You have their activities logged.  Just click on Save after assigning permissions.

permission list faculty

Mock Test Improvements.


The leader board can be displayed on your website and entice your visitors or students to signup and take quiz. The students on the leaderboard are ranked based on score or percentile.


Percentile scoring

Enable percentile scoring for mock tests. Your student can get their percentile score. Useful features for conducting CAT, GATE mock tests.


Numerical Questions

Add numerical answer questions to your quizzes. A must question type

To add a numerical question to your quiz. Click on Numerical button to add to the section.

cat mock test new format

On clicking numerical question type, in your question builder, you can see the answer text field to enter direct answers.  Note: Answers should be in real number. ex: 25.25, -25.05

numerical answer

Some more beneficial features to go through…

At Learnyst, we also focus on improving your course creation experience. With our course builder & assessment builder interface, you can create courses the way you wanted in just a few minutes. Here are freshly released features that will help you in creating and publishing your corporate courses.

Trainer friendly course builder & assessment builder interface

uploading courses on learnyst & start selling

This new version of course builder has easy to use user interface so that you can create courses within just a few clicks. In admin dashboard, click on courses and then click on create a course or edit existing course. You will see add lesson screen as shown below.

Create Lesson Page
Create Lesson Page

Click on Lessons (within green highlight in above image). You will see new lesson builder interface where you can upload video lessons, PPTs, PDFs, embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo & create practice tests. Note that you can create tests within a lesson as a quick quiz for the lesson or create a lesson with an only test in which case it can be considered as test lesson or exercise lesson. Shown below is an example of a lesson with YouTube video embed, PDF, and quiz all within a single lesson.

Add lesson content
Add lesson content

In case if you wish to make a test lesson then you can create only a test within a lesson.

Course builder improvements [Click here to create your course]
1.    Provision to add tests as lessons within a course
2.    Upload PPT (saved as images) lessons within course builder
3.    Multiple videos/course content within a lesson
4.    Improved course builder interface for uploading PPT, PDF & video lessons
5.    Secure PDF

Test/Assessment builder improvements [Click here to create your assessment]

1.    Question tagging with topic/lessons
2.    ‘Drag and drop’ features to re-arrange questions
3.    Scheduled tests
4.    Set custom messages depending on student performance after taking the test
5.    Bulk Q&A upload through XLS template

Admin & Student Interface

sell courses to students

Admin Features
1.    Set validity duration for each student
2.    View course completion details of each student
Student virtual classroom Interface (for employees who seek the training)
1.    Improved student dashboard with course wise completion status
2.    Topic wise analytics after taking the test

Login to your corporate training school & start training your employees with comprehensive and customized courses

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