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Feature Update: GMAT Mock Test Template

Discover Learnyst's new GMAT Mock Test feature, designed to enhance GMAT preparation with realistic exam simulations. Perfect for educators and students, this tool adds to our diverse range of exam formats, focusing on targeted, engaging GMAT practice.

GMAT Template Mock Test
Preparing Students for Success


Understanding the GMAT Template Mock Test Feature

For educators specializing in competitive exam preparation, Learnyst's GMAT Template Mock Test feature is a game-changer. This feature allows educators to create exams that closely mimic the structure and format of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). By providing a realistic testing experience, educators can better prepare students for success in their GMAT exams.

Significance in Competitive Exam Preparation

The GMAT Template Mock Test feature offers several key functionalities that are essential in competitive exam preparation. Educators can create timed exams with sections such as Quantitative, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning, just like the actual GMAT. This allows students to familiarize themselves with the exam format, improve their time management skills, and gauge their performance in each section.

Furthermore, the GMAT Template Mock Test feature provides detailed performance analytics, highlighting students' strengths and areas for improvement. This feedback enables educators to tailor their teaching strategies and provide targeted guidance to help students excel in their GMAT exams. With this feature, Learnyst empowers both educators and learners in the competitive exam preparation space.

Step-by-Step Implementation Guide

  1. Go to Create in Mock Tests

  2. Set a name, price and select GMAT from the list

  3. Publish the Test or Schedule it for later



With the introduction of the GMAT Mock Test feature, Learnyst reinforces its dedication to delivering quality educational tools. This feature is a significant step towards helping students excel in their GMAT exams and a testament to our commitment to evolving and enriching the e-learning experience.

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