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Facebook Pixel for online teaching website

Track Facebook ad conversion by implementing Facebook pixel in your online teaching website. Track how people uses your website improve your online business

Facebook is a popular social networking website that needs no introduction. Advertising on Facebook drives more engagement in web and apps. Achieve your goals with Facebook Ads target right people at global reach and convert them to customers and track using facebook pixel.

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel tracks conversion of the Facebook user as your customers. Using standard pixel event you can report and optimise for conversions, build audiences and get insights about how people use your website. Learnyst makes it easy to send your data to the Facebook pixel.

Facebook Pixel Implementation Guide

Create Facebook Pixel

  • Go to Facebook Pixel tab in Ads Manager and click Create a Pixel button.
    Facebook pixel page
  • In the popup enter a name of the pixel which is relevant to your business, Check the box for pixel terms and click Create Pixel.
    facebook pixel create a pixel
  • Your fb pixel is created for your Facebook Ad account. Copy the Pixel Id and save it to your PC.
    Facebook pixel getpixel code
    Note: You can get the pixel code again by clicking View Pixel Code and hover over text area and click to copy the code to clipboard (your PC’s temporary memory). Now paste the code in any text editors (notepad) and copy the Pixel Id which is next to “init” (copy only numbers without double quotes).
  •  Login to your school with admin credentials and click Site Builder in your school admin dashboard.
    Learnyst Admin Dashboard
  • Now click on “More …” on the control panel on the left of the screen.
    learnyst site builder
  • Click “Settings” button which opens the site settings popup, click Ads Config in popup’s side panel. Now click “Edit” button to configure facebook pixel.
    learnyst site settings popup
  • Check Facebook Ads box and click Next.
    learnyst facebook ads
  • In Facebook pixel ID text box, paste the pixel id which you saved while creating the pixel (paste without double quotes).
    learnyst facebook ads setup
  •  In conversion type section option provided for tracking three types of conversions – Signup, Enroll and Buy.    New learner signup – Track when a new student or learner signup in your school
        Enroll (Bundle / Course / Test) –  Track when a student enrolls for the bundle or course or test.
        Buy (Bundle / Course / Test) –  Track when a student buys the bundle or course or test.
    learnyst facebook tracked conversions
    Events conversion testing can be done using Facebook pixel helper. Conversion stats will be updated by the facebook for every 24 hours and pixel verification will be updated every 2 hours.

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