Effective Use of Testimonials for your Online Courses

My kitchen is usually closed on weekends. First thing I do is browse through any social restaurant review apps like Zomato, Foodpanda etc., Discover a nice restaurant which has got maximum positive reviews and the next thing I do is call them and block the table.

Testimonials are candid opinions, reviews or feedbacks written by our present students which help convey the quality of our services to our prospective students. They play very important role in the sales of online courses.

Testimonials are the social proofs for your online courses. Whenever a new prospective student visits your website he/she first looks into what others got to say about your online courses. Of course, attractive call-to-action columns and About us sections are as much important, but what creates an impression , the confidence and that trust factor in your online course is the student testimonials. Testimonials are the pieces of evidence that your online courses contain that key values that they are looking for.

The Importance of Testimonials

Think of a new pair of shoes you bought, or a new dress. How did you decide on buying it? Did you see your friend wearing it and you enquired ? or you got to know through your neighbour? Anyway, It would be that feedback you got.

How to Use Them in marketing your online course?

  • Always ask your prospective student to go through the case studies. This way you are showing them how your other students are actually using your online course.
  • Show positive customer tweets or the reviews on your websites. Don’t let the positive tweets fade off in your twitter account. Reflecting them on your website helps pull the students.
  • You can also create student testimonial videos. Ask your present students to participate in a video testimonial you are creating. While I agree that it is time-consuming, videos are more effective than text.  Also, it takes very little time for someone to watch a video than reading the whole text. Also, It takes an effort of the present reviewer to write a testimonial.
  • Encouraging your students to write testimonials is important. Students are as confident as you in your online course but they need to be pushed a little to bring it in words.

On Learnyst, Testimonials or reviews are present in Course pages. You can add student name, photo and testimonial provided by students.

Effective Use of Testimonials for your Online Courses
Student course testimonial or course review

If you have some other way in which your student testimonials can be showcased please do comment.

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