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An Educators Guide to create branded eLearning website

With Learnyst easy to use website builder you can easily customize every section of your website the way you want it.

Don’t you wish there was an easier way to create your eLearning website? From coming up with website design to content placements and SEO, there is a lot that goes into creating high-quality eLearning website.

Why having your branded eLearning website is important?

As you would agree more & more users are consuming data online. The web has become de-facto learning platform due to easy of access anytime anywhere. As an educator having your branded eLearning website is an inevitable asset you need to reach out to your potential learners today. Believe it or not, your branded eLearning site provides you an authentic space for delivering your courses & services to your global audience online.

Here are 7 reasons why you should have your independent eLearning website

  • Foundation for all your social media activities. – Think this way. Your branded eLearning website provides a headquarters for all of your social media efforts. It’s where you drive readers to content that expands on who you are and what you are trying to do.
  • Build your brand as an expert – In the last ten years, a website has become the conventional way to show that you are an authority on a subject. Successful educators like Rajesh Balasubramanian and Prasad Sawant are great examples.
  • Build trust – A well-designed website with high-quality education content will help create a bridge between you and your potential learners. That bridge is called trust.
  • Exercise your creativity – As an educator, your eLearning website is unlike other social media in that it gives you plenty of room to work out ideas you might have.
  • Growing stream of organic search traffic – Because of your steady stream of content, your website will get a ton of traffic from both SEO and the social web. There isn’t really a proven method that can do better.
  • Consistency is the key – You can become famous with your website.. as long as you are consistent in your course delivery and hang in there for at least six months to 1 year. People like Rand Fishkin and RailsCast have proven it works.
  • Proven business model – Using Learnyst educators are able to sell courses online & earn 30X revenue over investment. This will suffice to say that a website run right will bring you profit, which is important to running a business.

So, how can you create your free eLearning website?

With Learnyst, you can create your customized eLearning website in just 5 minutes. You can use powerful website builder tools to make your website stand out best. With Learnyst marketing tools you can reach-out to your global customers without much efforts and cost.

Build Your eLearning website in 3 Easy Steps‎

While creating a great eLearning website might look a daunting task to some, but with Learnyst it melts down to three easy steps:

  • Login at in case if you do not have a Learnyst account you can sign-up for free at Having your Learnyst account is absolutely necessary to view and choose from the range of free e-learning specific designs to make a free website. After login, click on ‘Preview site’ to access website builder interface. The range of layouts vary from presentation designs, to responsive to domain specific designs.
  • Customize the website: You can choose your desired theme in case if you want to change from the default. Once you have finalized your theme, we suggest you to customize it according to your teaching needs, which would mean, updating it with your school/business name, logo, and address, adding your services, or anything else you wish to add.
Learnyst Do-It-Yourself (DIY) web site builder - create branded eLearning website
Learnyst Do-It-Yourself (DIY) website builder
  • Publish: Post editing, which is so easy and which can be done without any coding need, you just need to press “Publish” button and your website is LIVE.

6 steps to make your website look authentic & start selling

With Learnyst easy to use website builder you can easily customize every section of your website the way to want it. Also, by following the steps below, you can optimize your website for better SEO reach, present your website better & convert your visitors to paid customers.

  1. Set your brand & custom domain – Ensure that you add your school name, tagline, business logo & even add demo video. If you don’t have a logo yet, consider using a logo maker tool to create a professional and unique logo design that represents your brand’s values and personality.All these details appear on header section of your site and hence are rendered as a first look to your visitors. So, it is at most important for you to invest time in presenting the right text messages and high-quality visuals & demo video within this section. If required, Learnyst can also help you with your very own unique domain name. Also, you will have to choose a top-level domain, for example, you can pick an eye-catching XYZ domain.
  2. Offer free lessons – The best way to gain customer’s trust is by offering free lessons. You can make few lessons within a course as free so that visitors can view those lessons to get a feel of your course offering. This will also help you get more sign-ups which will be useful for your future marketing campaigns. Offering free lessons also enhances your chance of getting more paid users (conversion ratio).
  3. SEO optimization – You can provide crucial details like page title, page description along with other header messages all of which helps in getting better page ranks. Internally Learnyst takes care of other SEO optimization techniques using your course details and other inputs provided through course builder interface.
  4. Social presence – Make sure to provide links to your social pages. You can always get new followers and hence add prospective leads to your conversion funnel.
  5. Show credibility – Adding details about you & your team shows credibility to your visitors. You can add details about your background, achievements, significant contributions in your field or just talk about your expertise in your subject. Please make sure to add your photo & contact details which show your ease of reachability.
  6. Add new content – Some educators prefer to call this process as content dripping. This is nothing but adding new content in the form of releasing new courses or updating your existing courses. By doing so, your visitors and enrolled students can feel your involvement & commitment in helping them teach better.

Great eLearning website boils down to these 3 things

Your simple and straightforward goal when it comes to your website is simply to get your audience confidence and trust. Your website will fail or succeed depending on how many people you can get to subscribe (free or paid) for your courses.

Show your domain authority – Let’s accept it. People like to learn from those who have authority. There is nothing wrong in showing your credibility or authority over your domain. Use your website to showcase your good work & talent. Consider including your qualification, honors, awards, certifications, recommendations & links to your publications. You can even consider adding a testimonial section.

High-quality learning content – Great content is the first & foremost thing in getting your audience attention. Make sure that your course content is of good quality. If you have video lessons make sure it has good audio and video quality. Similarly, if you are providing PDF, PPT or assessments you need to make sure that it has good quality images & has quality content that benefits your audience.

Ask your students – It is very important to take feedback from your audience and revise your courses if required. These responses will help you create even more great content. Make sure you survey your students consistently. It will definitely improve your course offering, and at the end of the day, it’s not about what you want. It’s all about what they want, right? So, Focus on making your students happy, and you’ll have a great future as a successful edupreneur. You can use Learnyst email campaign builder to send emails & get feedback from your students.

So, what other advice would you give to an educator in building a great eLearning website?

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