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DIY website builder – Create your stunning online school in 5 mins

With learnyst website builder you can start designing your ow website without any technical assistance, it's that easy.

If you’re an educator looking to create your branded online school and sell courses, then this blog is for you. Having a website is the first step on your road to credibility and to reach more students. Creating a beautiful website to showcase your courses is important to win students and to build trust with learners. It provides you an identity and a place where people can go to find out what you’re teaching. With Learnyst website builder, you can create your beautiful school front website, manage courses and students, provide learning interface for students to access your courses and sell courses.

Our mission is to help educators make beautiful school fronts in just 5 minutes. Our well-researched web design that suits for e-Learning and powerful DIY tools make this possible and easy for everyone. With simple drag and drop features, it is so simple and intuitive that you are not expected to have any idea about coding and web development, that’s totally unnecessary. You will also be able to change icons, background images, add new sections & make textual changes to your school website.

With Learnyst Website builder’s e-Learning specific templates, you will not have any confusion about what sections to include and where. All you are expected is to fill relevant content that speaks about your online school and skills as a teacher. Here are some simple suggestions with examples to have a great site up and running in no time. The online world is constantly changing and it’s fine to adjust your site and improve upon it frequently. Even if you have things to add and tweak, try to get your site published and then make changes as you go along.

Header – Intro about your online school

Firstly, we recommend you to provide one liner about your online school and how your courses can benefit students. This could be your vision/mission statement. To add more credibility and trust you can add a short intro video about yourself and your online school. This will give your viewers an overview about what you offer and how they can benefit from your courses.

Here is a great example from Rajesh, co-founder of 2IIM who talks about top benefits to students from their online course in this short 2 min video.

It’s a great idea to include a video of yourself here. We tend to feel convinced with a product or brand when they are linked with a person (especially with learning), so adding a personal touch is a really effective way of connecting to your audience. The idea is to turn the ‘unique visitor’ into a trial user or as a student.

People want to know who it is behind the cool track or awesome course. So show your students who you are, what you’re doing and how your courses can benefit them.

Course Features – Your unique Offering

In this section highlight the unique features of your course. You can highlight about core ideology behind preparing your course. What methodology you have adopted and why. Talk about how it’s going to benefit students. For example depending on how you have prepared your course content you can highlight things like pace of study, explanation through questionnaires /quizzes, concept explanation through examples, reference materials, video lessons & video quality. You can also mention about alternative support like email, phone, one-on-one coaching, mentoring, shipping physical materials, free webinars or workshops that you plan to offer. Finally, some in-depth information about the course is a great way to help your students to feel invested in enrolling. Try to answer the following questions when you’re writing your course features:

  • What was the inspiration to launch your online school?
  • What has been the core methodology that you have adopted in preparing your courses? Why?
  • What is the major value-add that you are offering to students? (consider convenience, flexibility)
  • How will it help students improve their skills or career opportunity?

MBAPrepGuide specializes in coaching students for MBA entrance exams & regional competitive exams in India. Their site is a great example of highlighting unique features about their course offerings to visitors.

Course Features -DIY website builder
offering DIY website builder

With Learnyst DIY Website Builder you can change icons within features section by choosing a relevant art that matches your feature statement.

A Short Bio

Having a brief section about yourself as an educator (and your founding members) will provide an overview about you and your work to viewers. Aside from just your name, qualification, and job title here are a few questions to get your bio looking great:

  • Define your credibility as an Educator.
  • Describe your distinguishing work experience or contributions.
  • What are some of the things that define you as subject matter expert?

Here’s a great example from Tamara Carter, founder of Ne Plus Ultra International Beauty Academy using Learnyst Website Builder.

Tamara Carter testimonial on DIY website builder, founder of ne plus ultra international beauty academy

It’s also a great idea to include a picture of yourself here, to turn the ‘unique visitor’ into a fan or supporter.

Student Testimonial

It’s always nice to show how much you are liked by students, peers or anyone who can endorse you and your work, you can include short written statements from them attesting to your skills. A lot of people are actually really flattered to be called upon for a recommendation as it shows that you value their opinion and are actively seeking feedback for your work. Make sure that you include a picture, name, qualifications, and their relation to you with the recommendation to ensure the credibility of the source.

Contact Details

Add this section on our website builder for any enquiries and business opportunities so that people can easily reach you. Include some details of the kind of contact you encourage. For example, you may like to mention that you are happy for people to reach out to you for course enrollment, expert advice, potential collaborations or press enquiries.

Social Media

Leave some prominent icons on your page to link people to your social media pages. A lot of people tend to prefer to ‘follow’ others on social media rather than subscribing to a newsletter or mailing list. Have an active presence on at least a few major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn so that you are appealing to the range of visitors you get on your site.

social media - DIY website builder

And that’s it! Your site should be looking great after all this content has been added. After you’ve created your site you can share it with your social networks, add the URL to your email signature and promote it within your circles.

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Ready to create your online school site now?

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