Create Online Courses – Import PPT content

Are you stuck with course content development for your e-learning school just because the content you archived till now are all PPT files? Relax. We have a way out. Following steps show you how to create online courses using your archived PPT content files for your school on Learnyst. You can extract your PPT slides to JPG or PNG file formats.  Once you do this you can simply load it into your lessons.

Step 1: To create online courses with your ppt file content, open your PPT file and click on save as button. In save as types choose JPG/PNG format and click on Save button.

Importing PPT to online course.

Step 2: You will be asked if the save type has to be for every slide or a single selected one. Choose Every Slide option.


Step 3 : Each slide in ppt will be saved into a folder in same location where you have your ppt file.

Importing PPT to online course.

Step 4 : Your ppt slides are now saved in a folder as jpg files.

folder view
Importing PPT to online course.

Note: Click Here to know how to create online courses. Once you are done creating your online course follow the below steps to add PPT lessons.

Step 5 : Once you have added a section you can add lessons under that section. To add lessons to your sections click on Lesson button or drag and drop the Lesson button into the dotted area.

Importing PPT to online course.

Step 6 : A new Lesson Builder page shows up where you can upload your lessons in various formats like videos, pdf, Images. Click on Upload videos, pdf, images from your computer. Attach your PPT Slide image jpg files to your lessons here.You can enter the title of the lesson and also choose whether the it is a paid or trial lesson and click on save.

Importing PPT to online course.

Step 7: Upload all your jpeg files and click on Save and Back to go and view your lesson.

Importing PPT to online course.

Step 8: Click on Settings in your course builder page after uploading all your ppt image files.

In course settings page, to create online courses, ensure that you have given all the details of the course like course name, Course description, Course display picture, pricing, validity period. You can have some advanced settings options like the publicity of the course and promotional videos. You can also add teachers to the course and add FAQs to your course. Once you are done click on  publish!

Importing PPT to online course.

Congratulations! You have successfully published your course!

Importing PPT to online course.

Your PPT lesson is successfully added to your course and published on your e-learning school. 

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