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Create Online Course – Tips to Succeed

create online courses with the best tips to succeed from the experts, and start selling courses to become a successful online academy.

If you think it is difficult to create Online Course and make it interesting, think of classroom setup.

Once I almost got thrown out of the lecture hall after a hard yawn sitting in the first row while the head of my college delivered one of her “best” lectures. Can never forget how she frowned at me. Have you also ever tried hard to avoid drowsiness in the classroom during some boring lectures? Then you would understand how important  it is to make your courses interesting now!

Create Online Course in such a way that students online should just love it. Keep these simple tips in mind when you design your course.

Make Content Interesting:

Plan your course to have more narrative videos, photographs text, voice, a blend of all to say in short. Such blended learning enhances the student’s ability to grasp the subject quicker. There are a lot of content authoring tools which helps you come up with great content for your courses. Refer the below link to know more about e-learning content authoring tools.

Keep Sessions Short:

Keep your course sessions short. That doesn’t mean you have to cut short on what you want to teach. Maybe you can split them to different sections and organize better so that your course is short crisp. Keep your content simple.

For Example, A prolonged videos 30 minutes long, large PPT files with 50 slides or everything dumped in a big PDF file of 100mb! be sure of earning student’s boredom. You are just lucky that it’s a flipped classroom. Else you would see that your students are already snoozed off long before they finish half of your course. No matter how many hard hours you spend on designing those extremely resourceful content it fits nowhere.

Design Course Smartly:

Design your course with more practical examples and scenarios to explain your theory. It’ll help the students to relate the theory explained to the applicable situations. Students develop problem-solving abilities. Soon your course stands out among all others.

Make It Interactive:

Interact with students and allow them to connect with other students of similar interests through discussion forums. That way you are actually keeping them engaged and with your course and they also can come up with new ways to solve a critical problem.

Keep Content Portable:

You can’t expect students to sit in front of a PC until they complete a course. I’m sure neither of us can do that. Make your course accessible to your students anytime anywhere through their smartphones or tablets. Let them chill out while they learn. They are very much like you and me!

Motivate through Awards:

Motivate your students by measuring their activities and recognizing their progress in your course. Maybe you can keep adding points to their basket as and when they finish the each level of the course keep showing some motivational messages as a pat on their back and appreciate them when they reach advanced levels.

Ask for feedback:

Keep your teaching two-way by asking your students for feedback at the end of the course. It is like sharpening the axe. You get to know what students are really looking for and you can mold your course accordingly. So here are some tips from the experts to teach online.

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