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Create A Course That Sells

Create a Course in such a way that it has the capacity to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer.

Anatomy of a Course Explained

If you are into online teaching business, the first thing is to know what sells better. Create a course in such a way that it has the everything in it to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer.
Anatomy of an online course is all about the study of the structure or internal workings of an Online Course. You will know what all components are essential while you create a course.

Create a Course with Section.

Each course should have one or many sections in it. It helps you divide the concepts and students get a better insight into the course objectives. For Example, below image shows Learnyst Course builder where you can add sections to your course. Further into the section, you can add lessons of various types based on the content file type that you choose to upload into your course.

learnyst course builder - Create A Course That Sells

Sections with Lessons and Activities

Have lessons and activities in sections. Lessons can be of different types.  Learnyst offers HTML Lesson, Custom Lesson, Lesson with file types like pdf, videos, images etc. Or any combination of these like, It can be video lesson followed by text lesson or ppt followed by video lessons further has text files and videos or PPT also.

Each Lesson can be followed by certain activities. Like a short quiz that helps practice what you have learned.

Go through How to create a quiz? blog to know more on how to create your own quiz for your online course.

Discussion forum

In between the lessons you have an opportunity to connect global participants through Discussion forum. Also, have an opportunity to get into Live Q&A for any clarification on the course.

The major advantage of the discussion forum is that learners can get anytime anywhere technical assistance. At any point of time, if they feel stuck with the course, they can always approach your technical assistance team and get their clarifications.

They are exposed to the global participants throughout the world who have taken up a course as part of their learning.

Learnyst Discussion forum helps students ask their questions and get clarifications. It helps them to interact with other students or faculty and get a better understanding of the course. Admin can also edit, delete or reply to questions.

discussion forum - Create A Course That Sells

Final certification assessment

There should be some driving force for learners to finish the course. Assessments and Certifications bring that motivation to finish the course faster. So, create a course with an assessment in the end and a certification. Certifications are the major driving force for learners to take up the course most of the time rather than taking upon personal interest or curious towards gaining knowledge.

If you are planning to sell courses in combination with some others or with some offers to the students then Learnyst bundle course helps you do that. A Bundle is a package of courses or quizzes offered to students. As an Admin, you can create bundles with a combination of courses and tests to offer to your students with discounted prices. Learnyst Course builder helps you create certificates for your courses

Duration to complete a course

“Learn at your own pace” is definitely an advantage of taking up an online course but one should also not spend a significant amount of time in learning a particular course. So make sure the duration taken to complete the course is sensible enough for all the learners. For example, according to you if a learner should be able to complete the course within 4 to 6 hours, let the learners know about the average duration of the course.

To get more tips on succeeding with your online course go through this blog. Create Online Course – Tips to Succeed

Scores – Leaderboards

Have Leaderboard that can display on your website and entice your learners or students to signup and take a quiz. For example, the students on the leader board being ranked based on their score or percentile.

In Learnyst, the leader board can be displayed on your website and entice your visitors or students to signup and take a quiz. The students on the Leaderboard are ranked based on score or percentile.


Percentile scoring

Enable percentile scoring for mock tests. Your student can get their percentile score. Useful features for conducting CAT and GATE mock tests.


List out some Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), that all are expected to commonly ask while taking up your online course, and pertaining to a particular topic in the course. Use the format that is commonly used on email mailing lists and other online forums, where certain common questions tend to recur. 
The most common advice when it comes to writing FAQ documentation is that, if you have some experience in a particular field for which you are about to create a course,  and if you have ever come across issues that you finally managed to solve, it’s good to let other people know it too.
FAQs are basically about sharing information in a non-selfish manner. When you add your FAQs to your course overview, you stand a good chance of getting a good response on your course, and thus your efforts will be rewarded. A FAQ will almost automatically make you an “expert” (more or less) in your field.
People will contact you and will help you maintain your FAQ up-to-date either by asking yourself more questions or simply by getting hold of more relevant information, based on their own experience that can be added to your FAQ.

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