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Now Offer Dynamic Pricing On Your Courses With Variable Pricing

Did you know that now you can offer your learners a dynamic pricing based on their course validity period? Yes, you heard us right. Using variable pricing..

You heard that there’s a great show releasing on Netflix and the runtime for the show is no more than 3 months. But due to some unknown reason Netflix is only offering a yearly subscription. Now, how many of us will pay for the annual membership when we only need it for 3 months? Makes sense, right?

So, why do the same with your treasured learners? Learning has never been “One size fits all”. Every learner has their own different approach when it comes to studying. Some super students manage it within 2 months before the final test, while some might like to take it slow and take around 2 years to heart all the topics and a good many revisions to cement their preparation.

So, it is also not ideal to charge them the same, rather you can fix a variable pricing for your courses, for your learners.

What Is Variable Pricing?

So what is variable pricing and how it can help your learners? In simpler term, now you can decide different prices for your courses. And it will depend on the validity period. Or in other words, you can offer more than one validity period at different prices.

So going forward if any of your learners want to buy your courses for a different validity period than your actual validity period they can set it from the drop-down menu in the course purchase page and the updated course price will show up on screen. So they can only buy it for the duration they think is the best fit for them.

How Is It Going To Help You As A Teacher

While variable pricing has its perks for your learners, it has benefits for you as well. Because with more flexibility to buy your course, more number of learners will be signing up for your online teaching institution. Because now you will cater to more different kinds of learner needs. And obviously, with more learner comes more revenue.

To try variable pricing click here.

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