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Brand new Course Landing page for your online teaching

Brand new Course Landing Page for your online Teaching. Redesigned for maximum conversion, building trust, speed loading and mobile responsiveness.

Course landing pages are the primary channel for selling your online courses. The target of Course Landing page is getting “visitors to enroll for the course”.

We had designed our first version course landing page one year again when requirements were very simple. The new features added to existing design without User interface analysis. This introduced new problems over time such as

  1. Unrefined User interface
  2. Important features like Teacher Bio, Student Testimonials & FAQs were not displayed
  3. Broken Mobile responsiveness
  4. Unhandled Errors and edge cases
  5. Course data fetch was slow due to loading of all information at once

Course Landing Page Main Goals

We redesigned the page from ground up with 3 main goals in mind

  1. What are the course offers and benefits?
  2. Why does your audience need your offer now?
  3. How do they get the offer?

The new design went through rigorous review and after 3 design iterations we have released the final design.

Course Landing Page Main Goals

Key Features

The key features of the new page are

  1. Clean design with all necessary information showcased elegantly
  2. Mobile responsive and follows the famous Tab design pattern
  3. The Course Landing page main focus is Course description and Teacher Bio
  4. Teacher bio to start building trust with your learners
  5. Clear call to action drives Learners to signup for your course
  6. Approximately 4X faster loading time than the previous page
  7. Option of displaying course promo video, discounts and Learners Reviews

We have beta tested with some of the teachers before releasing into mainstream and we got overwhelmingly positive response. The Course Landing page works only if you fill the page with proper sales copy.

Hope you like the new Course Landing Page and use it effectively for your online teaching portal. If you have any feedbacks please get back to us.

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