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Are You All Set To Conduct Mock Test For Online JEE (Advanced)?

JEE (Advanced) will be strictly online from 2018. Are you all set to conduct mock test for online JEE (Advanced) for your learner? In a meeting organized by

As the report suggests, students will be taking online JEE (Advanced) exam from 2018. In a meeting organized by JAB (Joint Admission Board) yesterday (Aug 20, 2017) the Director, IIT-Madras, and Chairman JAB 2017, Prof Bhaskar Ramamurthi said, “It has been decided that the JEE (Advanced) will be conducted in online mode from 2018 onwards. Further information regarding the examination will be provided by the JAB in due course.”

The JAB (Joint Admission Board), which is the policy-making body on IIT admissions, took the decision after considering that moving JEE (Advanced) online will make the logistics and evaluation easier.

The Impact of Online JEE (Advanced)

It is not that online JEE (Advanced) will be something new for the Indian students. But out of the 13 lakh students appearing for JEE (Advanced) in 2017, only a mere 10% or fewer students took the online test. Presently JEE follows two formats one is the old OMR sheet format, where the student has to fill out the digitally readable OMR sheet according to their answers.

traditional way of JEE (Advanced) OMR sheet
Sample OMR Sheets of JEE Exams

And even though JAB has introduced online JEE (Advanced) sometime back, the large number of students were taking the test offline; the old pen and paper method. But the recent decision taken by JAB will certainly shift the paradigm for IIT-JEE aspirants. They have to now prepare for taking the test online. And this decision will also force all the JEE Preparation Institutes to revise their mock test curriculum. They will need to switch to online mock test portals to give their students the most real of all test environment to help them score better.

Start Early – Conduct Mock Tests for Online JEE (Advanced) with Learnyst

If you are an independent teacher or a test prep institute who has specialized in conducting mock tests for JEE, you have to consider moving your mock tests online. And in this age of competition, we all know that the early bird always catches the worm. This holds true when it comes to revising your mock test formats for JEE (Advanced). Since most of the students were taking the exam offline, the teachers only had to think about the offline mock test. They had to just prepare the questions, print out the OMR sheets and that’s it. But now they have to come up with software or tools to migrate the mock test system online.

But while everyone is busy scratching their head to find the online solution, you can easily stay ahead of the crowd and get the maximum number of students with Learnyst.

Learnyst has already test template that resembles the JEE (Advanced). You can see the template below.

Online template that resembles the JEE (Advanced)

With this test template, you can easily create the mock test for online JEE (Advanced). What more? You can easily import the mock questions to your mock tests through excel or doc file. The best part of it? You will be conducting the mock tests from your own branded apps and websites, and the 100% of course sells will go directly to your bank account. Hot knife through butter, right?

So what are you waiting for? stay ahead of the line today. Sign up on Learnyst and start conducting mock tests for JEE, right away.

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