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Branded Teaching App – Off The Shelf or In-House: Which Route To Take?

Branded teaching app is important to scale your online training institute. But the question often asked is whether to get a third-party app provider or....

Now that you have set up your online training institution in the Edupreneur-ville, your next thought is to expand your reach to make your training institute a better success. So how do you do that? with an estimated 6.1bn smartphone users by 2020, it is safe to say that the easy and effective way to scale your business is to go smartphone, err, mobile. Why mobile you may ask. The punchline of teaching online is to give your learners flexibility and the option for learning on the go. But it is not possible to open your laptop, connect it to internet and learn while travelling in a public transport. But mobile as smartphones, is in everyone’s hand. And with economic data plans now everyone is connected to world wide web from their smart phones. So what can be better option to intercept and engage them on their smart phones.

But here comes the most important question, how do you develop an branded teaching app for your training institute? There are actually two ways that you can use to develop the app. And both the ways have certain pros and cons to them. So let’s have a look at both the options first.

Branded Teaching App – Off The Shelf or In-House

So there are two possible routes for you when you think of branded teaching app. The first one, while liked by many start ups are not that popular among big players of the market. So what is off the shelf app? Off the shelf apps are developed by a third party technology vendor. The benefits of Off the shelf apps are,

  • These apps can be deployed quickly
  • Lower upfront cost
  • Little to no maintenance cost, as that is included in the contract
  • Easily reachable support team
  • Tried and tested app layouts
  • Experienced development team

But on the other hand, in-house apps, while lack the aforementioned qualities, beats the off the shelf apps in other fields. These apps are,

  • Easily customizable
  • You retain the source code for future use
  • Ownership of your content and intellectual properties
  • Room for additional custom features
  • Multi device compatibility
  • Personalized user experience (UX)

So as you can see, both the options come with their own pros and cons. And the wise way is to understand your need first. If it is feasible for you, then off the shelf app can really be your option. Because, why make a wheel from grounds up, if you can get it from somewhere else. But, there is a smarter option.

Launching Your Branded Teaching App With Learnyst

Now, if you are confused about choosing the right platform to develop your own branded teaching app, Learnyst can help you walk the midway. The benefit of walking the middle road is, while you get the benefits of both the options. But , that doesn’t entrusts you with the cons of any of the options.

So, what is so good about Learnyst?

Learnyst combines the best of both, bridging the gap between off-the-shelf and in house apps. So while you feel stuck between choosing the platform to host your app, Learnyst has helped, another few hundred teachers in launching their mobile app.

  • Quick launch of your app
  • low maintenance cost
  • Option to customize
  • Customizable UX
  • Multi device compatibility
  • Round the clock support
  • Addition of custom features
  • You retain the right to your content
  • Whitelabelled and branded mobile app
  • Scalability
  • and most importantly the cost is really low when it comes to comparing Learnyst with in-house and off the shelf apps.

So what are you waiting for? Join the league of happy and successful teachers on Learnyst and scale your teaching business with  your own  branded mobile app.

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