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Boost your online course sales with coupon codes

How coupon codes increase your course sales of online teaching. Best strategies to create an effective coupon code in less time.

Coupon code is a method of offering discounts to your students. They are also called as promotional code or discount code or promo code. Coupon code campaigns have been used by many brands since the launch of the first ever paper coupon by Coca Cola in 1887. It is even reported that on average, consumers will spend 2 hours a week dedicated to hunting for deals online.

65% of online consumers say online coupon code often finalise their purchase decisions if they are undecided

Coupon codes can help you to boost your online teaching business if used effectively. Coupon codes can be created as public or private codes. Public coupons can be used by all your students to get a discount on your course. It acts as a Course level discount. Private coupons can be given to specific students on meeting certain criteria’s like scoring high marks or attending live webinars or completing all lessons. It will act as an incentive as well as encouragement for students.

Boost your online course sales with coupon codes

Creating a Successful Coupon code campaign

If you are selling your courses online and want to boost your sales, coupon codes are one of the effective ways. But simply creating a coupon code and releasing it to the market will not work effectively. You need to follow some strategy before creating coupon codes. Before creating a coupon code think about the following three points

  1. What results are you expecting?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. How you will communicate with your target audience?

In Learnyst, we have seen some of our teachers using Coupon code effectively. Some of the common techniques are as follows

  1. Targeting trial users

    Send an offer email to your existing trial users with coupon code. You can filter trial users who are active in the last month or who completed more than 50% trial lessons or who have logged infrequently.

  2. Promote a course to existing paid users 

    Offer a coupon code to your existing paid users for the course which they have shown interest in. For mobile app users you can send coupon codes through Push message or in-App messages.

  3. Promote signups

    Publish these coupons in your blog posts or social networking sites to get more leads.

  4. Create urgency in your potential customers

    Creating coupon with expiry date will create an urgency in your potential customers. Customers who are thinking to buy in future will pay now.

  5.  Convert your offline classroom students to online customers

    In your seminar sessions or classrooms exclusively announce a coupon code to your students.

  6. Track your Advertisements

    It is difficult to track offline advertisements like newspaper or pamphlet or banners. By including coupon codes in your advertisements you can track the users where traffic coming from.

  7. Create a buzz in social media

    When your students are sharing  or liking your posts on social media give coupon code as a reward.

Case study at Learnyst

On Learnyst one of our client has published a course on without any any discounts for 72 days and got 22 paid students. After that they announced discount of 15% for 1 week. During this 1 week period, they got 18 paid students.

Tips while creating a coupon

  • Keep your code simple and easy to remember. Example – SAVE30, OFF12
  • Always give an expiry date for your coupon code
  • Use coupon codes judiciously

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