Best Practices To Optimize Website Landing Page

6 Best Practices To Optimize Website Landing Page for 5x Revenue

Today, instead of talking about the online course market places and MOOC, let’s focus on the independent educators. Once you venture out in the field of online teaching, your concern shifts to getting the potential learners on your website and convert them to your loyal learner base. Because come on! Creating course is your strongest suit, and if this is your first venture online as an independent educator, the marketing strategies might feel quite overwhelming. Given that there are tons and thousands of articles available that offers you sure shot guide to convert your potential learners to loyal learner base. But one easy yet effective marketing strategy that we miss out on, is optimizing your website landing page for better conversion. This is quite easy and straightforward. And with these 6 best practices to optimize website landing page for 5x revenue you can generate more revenue than before. So let’s begin by understanding what a landing page is.

Well, let’s first understand what landing page is and why it is important

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is where your potential learners end up. It is therefore most important page of your website. Your landing page will have list of published courses, mock tests and test series. Okay, the second most important page, is your course sales pages. The purpose of the landing page is to let your learners know about your offering and show them the value proposition, your credibility, testimonials and a clear call to action.

Best Practices To Optimize Website Landing Page for 5x Revenue

Why Landing Page is Important

Well, when we say landing pages are important, we don’t overkill it. As this page is truly important part of your website. Here are the importance that it holds,

  • First Impression is The Effective Impression

A perfectly set up landing page gets you more conversion. You can confidently  share your landing page for paid advertisements like google adwords.

  • Create Sales Funnel

Through your ad campaigns you can direct the qualified traffic to your landing page and capture their details like email and phone number through your landing page built on Learnyst website builder. You can use this user data later to market your courses and mock tests better.

  • Engage Learners

You can engage your learners on your website using video or image content. Also you can easily integrate 3rd party chat tools & interactive forms through Learnyst website builder. The longer they spend time on your website, the higher chances you have of having the conversion

  • It Offers Clarity & Purpose

The landing page offers the visitor a clarity and purpose. They get to know what the site is all about once they land on the landing page. It helps you showcase your products better to your target audience and catch their attention.

Now that you know what Landing Page is and why it is important for your online teaching platform, here are 6 best practices that you can follow to get at the least 5x conversion by optimizing your website landing page.

  • Reduce your attention ratio

Okay, first what do we mean by attention ratio? Attention ratio means which element holds more attention over other elements. A clumsy landing page with too many elements are often considered as noisy and often avoided by the netigens. Where as a landing page with 1:1 attention ratio with proper spacing and room to breath is more favourable by the users

  • Offer free courses

Another best practice is to create a free course or mock test to capture the potential learners information. You can also post engaging free news articles through newsfeed.

  • Increase urgency and scarcity

Believe it or not, we all have a tendency to procrastinate. So your landing page should reflect the urgency as to why your learners should be purchasing the course right away. You can do this by offering some limited time coupon codes or some free material that can be useful for the learners. But the key here is to bind the learners with time

  • Write call to value, and not call to action

Most of the website landing pages ask the learners to sign up or fill out a form as the CTA on the landing page. But don’t just ask them to sign up, rather change the text to the value add that they will get. Few examples and replacements for your CTA buttons can be, “Start Preparing For XYZ Exam” or “Start Your Practice Test Today” or “Know How To Crack XYZ Exam in 60 days”

  • Give your social links

Putting your social media links on your website landing page is another good idea to allow the learners explore your social accounts or groups to evaluate and to know about your brand better. These social media pages showcase your interaction with your potential learners, or past learners. And it helps you build the trust. Another part often overlooked is having your contact details on the website. This way your potential learners can contact you, in case they have any doubt

  • Use flawless grammar and spelling

Another key aspect of a perfect landing page is to have a flawless grammar and spelling. If your website descriptions are poorly written with lot of spelling errors, typos and bad grammar, that will effect your website negatively. This can actually break the game that you were trying to build so hard. So keep an eye for all the website copywrite, and make sure that they are flawless.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know why landing pages are important and the best practices to create one, it is time for you to try these methods out. One of the easy way to do so is to use Learnyst website builder to create landing pages for your online teaching website. Here are some of the good website landing pages, built using Learnyst website builder,

Best Practices To Optimize Website Landing Page - example wizako
You see how they tweaked the CTA text to add the value proposition?

Best Practices To Optimize Website Landing Page - example exergic
The differentiation factor can be your feature. And this should definitely go up on your landing page

Best Practices To Optimize Website Landing Page - bankexamstoday
Showcase the love your learners has shown, on the landing page

Best Practices To Optimize Website Landing Page- example learncodeonline
See how clearly they have mentioned their contact details for two different demographic zone?

Now that you have seen how you can customize the landing pages using Learnyst website builder to optimise for better course sales, why don’t you give it a shot and see how it works out for you? If you would like to know more about Learnyst website builder click here.

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