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Best online teaching platforms for teachers in 2021

Looking for the best online teaching platforms for teachers? You’re not alone. Thousands of teachers right now are looking for the same.

The very first instances of online teaching can be traced back to the year 1960, at the University of Illinois, where students began learning using the computers that were interlinked on a network. The internet was not yet invented back then. Over two decades later, in 1984, the first-ever online course was offered by the University of Toronto. From then until recently, educators were largely dependent on multiple software and hardware to deliver classes.

The problem was that sometimes things didn’t go as easy as planned. Sometimes some software solutions would fail to integrate with the rest, or data would get lost. Then came the age of SaaS and, along with it, robust platforms for online educators. They have completely revolutionized the online education experience – making it easier for teachers to teach and for students to better grasp concepts. There are even a bunch of free platforms for teaching online courses.

In this article, we will look at some of the best and widely used online teaching platforms for teachers. But first, let us look at some of the advantages of online teaching platforms for teachers. 

Advantages of online teaching platforms

  • Using online platforms, Subject mattter experts can choose from hundreds of teaching methods using digital tools—for example, interactive videos, quizzes, etc. 
  • It eliminates geographical handicaps as both teachers and students can do their jobs as long as they have an internet connection.
  • As there are a lot more teaching methods available online, teachers can customize classes for individual students or a group with similar preferences.
  • In the long term, platforms are more economical as you will only be paying for the platforms and nothing else. There is no need to upgrade multiple software and expensive hardware components.
  • Tracking becomes easier on a platform because all activities of students and teachers become trackable and reportable. 

Best online teaching platforms for teachers

Here are the popular online teaching platforms you can consider for hosting your courses- 


Over the years, Learnyst has empowered thousands of online educators and academies to provide seamless learning experiences for their students. This is one of the most feature-rich and comprehensive platform that offers tutors create their courses from the ground up. To breathe some fresh air into even the most boring of concepts, tutors can upload course content, use rich content formats like quizzes and interactive videos.    

Once the course creation is done,Course creators can upload them on a website that is custom-built for you. The website is SEO-optimized so that it is easy for your target audience to find you using search engines. A mobile app is also available. 

Tutors who have used Learnyst have combinedly earned over INR 350 crores in revenue, and the platform has over 3 Million students using it. 

Learnyst also has a free trial period of 14-days where users can sign up and explore the platform.

online teaching platforms for teachers


The platform has a single purpose of disrupting the education ecosystem by allowing anyone to learn from its pool of thousands of experts. The platform features several contents creating tools to create the likes of PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, audio, video. Instructors can use it for a fee. And also course creators can award their students with a certificate of completion for the course that they underwent. However, Udemy charges 50% on each sale of a course. Currently, the platform has around 12 million students. 

Creating courses on Udemy is very straightforward, and you should be able to get the hang of it once your start. You can also refer to this guide on How to Create an Udemy Course. 



This is a tool that was built to overcome some of the major disadvantages of Udemy. Udemy provides very little autonomy to instructors, they can’t even control branding and pricing of courses, and they get very limited information about people who buy their course. Teachable overcomes all these. 

Three million students use the platform now and have over 20,000 courses and 7500 instructors. The numbers are only increasing. You can start creating a course with the basic plan that costs 

$29 per month. Among other things, you can use the tool to create and edit engaging multimedia lectures, videos, and coaching sessions.



This is another well-known online tutoring website. This platform has been a favorite choice among teachers for live and on-demand webinars. It has features including slides, screen sharing, video, and audio. WizIQ is particularly popular among academic course content creators. 

The platform is very easy to create courses and then publish on its marketplace. To make tests and assessments more engaging, WizIQ offers nine templates to choose from. You can also keep track of the performance of your teachers using comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. To enable learning on the go, they offer WizIQ as mobile apps. Plans start at $25 per month. 



This is probably one of the easiest tools for instructors to use as instructors are not required to be technologically proficient to use it. The creators of the platform have made it a priority to simplify the creation of courses as easy as possible for tutors. It has features including payment gateways like PayPal, MailChimp integration, and daily data backup. The basic plan starts at as low as $74.75 per month.  



This is the go-to tool if you are looking for a platform that can complement course content with social learning and high levels of interaction. This is a premium offering and has worked wonderfully for years. It supports the creation of content formats, including video, eBooks, audio, PDFs, Quizzes, etc. It even has a “certificate of completion” feature. The basic plan starts at $24 per month.   


The platform hosts over 35,000-course creators and is a good option if you want to grow your audience rapidly. The platform is very beginner-friendly in terms of ease of creation on course content and also marketing and selling them to the right audience. Using this tool, you can integrate branding into each and every element of your course. Thinkific also supports rich multimedia content like videos, quizzes, live discussions, etc.    

online teaching platforms for teachers

Academy of Mine

The name is self-explanatory, and as it says, it lets you create an academy of your own. Its features are far from complex – users can simply drag and drop to create course content. It also boasts a great administrative interface. Some of its most notable features include on-demand self-paced learning, virtual classrooms, comprehensive reporting and analytics, and personalized course/academy branding. When it comes to the matter of pricing, this is a bit on the pricey side as even the basic plan starts at $599 per month. 

online teaching platforms for teachers


This platform is extremely flexible, simple, and powerful to create the course in different formats to suit the learning style of students. It can also effortlessly integrate with third-party tools, including Stripe and PayPal. Tutors can create content like quizzes, forums, and others in a matter of minutes, provided they have the base content ready. Tutors also have the freedom to run offers on their courses. Students also enjoy the benefits of community learning by collaborating with teachers and other students for a holistic learning experience. It also has a lot of custom branding features. 

online teaching platforms for teachers

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Part time online teaching jobs from home

There are a lots of online acadamies like byju’s and unacademy that hire teachers to train their students so if you’re a subject matter expert you can search and apply for the jobs in those onlie teaching platforms, Here’s a snapshot of google search results for online teaching jobs.

Online teaching jobs

So Which online platform is best for online teaching?

As you can see, there are a wide array of platforms to choose from. Each one of these has its own unique set of features on top of the generic features. It is up to tutors to choose the best platform for online teaching that perfectly aligns with their business goals. You should definitely give Learynst a try as it comes with a myriad of features that will skyrocket your course sales.

If you are still confused about choosing Learnyst and would like assistance, then get in touch with us now!  

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