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Best Learning Management Systems in India in 2021

Looking to create your own online course? Here are the best learning management systems that you can use to power your e-tutoring journey.

Thinking of starting a career in e-learning? Then you’ve landed at the right place. Learning Management Systems have gained rapid momentum in recent days especially after the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have started looking out for LMS platforms to showcase their skills as online tutors, In this blog post we list all the best learning management systems in India

Luckily there are hundreds of Learning Management Systems which will meet your needs and fall well within your budget. All of them offer all the core features of e-learning, including content creation, communication, and certifications.

With so many options available, it gets a little challenging to pick the best one for your next online course. In this blog, we have covered some of the most popular LMS currently present and are playing a great part in bolstering the e-learning business in the world.

But first, let us understand what an LMS is.

What is Learning management system?

Online teaching became a lucrative career in the last few years and has started gaining more recognition and acceptance among both teachers and students. Every institution started an online mode of education to make their courses accessible to everyone independent of their location. To further aid the growth of such institutions, companies started developing a new software called the Learning Management System (LMS). To the uninitiated, a Learning Management System is a platform that helps in the process of course creation and course marketing in a user-friendly manner. 

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Top Learning management system in India

Here are some of the most popular LMS in India currently available for teachers to create and market their courses –


LMS in India

Learnyst is a homegrown LMS platform that is also #1 LMS in India. It has often been the first choice for teachers to create and sell their online courses. The ROI you get with Learnyst has been widely appreciated by many course creators with some of them earning more than 10x profits. Learnyst has a worldwide reach with nearly 80,000 aspiring students honing their skills through this platform.

Key Features of Learnyst include – 

  • Security has always been a pressing issue with most digital platforms. Content thefts and copyright issues have become unavoidable issues in the e-learning industry. To help teachers continue to enjoy a seamless experience while creating courses, Learnyst has enforced strict DRM encryption to its platform. This is capable of safeguarding all your course content from hackers.
  • A course website is the best way to connect with the audience and guide them to subscribe to your course. With Learnyst, website creation is a simple task, thanks to its intuitive templates. This means you do not need any programming skills, thereby saving a considerable amount of time and resources.
  • E-learning is all about ‘learning on the go’. To facilitate this, Learnyst lets you build a mobile app yourself to help your audience access your courses through it.
  • Course marketing has never been so simple after the inception of Learnyst. You get access to a wide array of marketing features including email marketing.

To know more about all the features of Learnyst, click here.


Coggno is an emerging LMS platform with a prime focus on offering a simplified teaching experience. With a large number of comprehensive features, Coggno has become the ‘one-stop shop’ for creating high-quality online courses. Training organizations usually pick this platform to train employees for interviews and to offer personality development courses. 

Key Features of Coggno include – 

  • SCORM compliant courses 
  • Tailor-made video editing tool that helps to upload quality videos with just a few clicks
  • A plethora of customization options for your course
  • Easy-to-use performance monitoring tools that give near accurate results

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The ability to market courses effortlessly is where Kajabi stands out from the crowd. Everything on Kajabi is automated to reduce your time spent on non-value-adding activities. This platform is extremely helpful for experienced course creators who are focused on development and improvement works in the course. If you have plans to adopt email marketing for your courses, the Kajabi greatly helps by automating the entire process. You can send mails to the audience depending on the course they have selected.

Key features of Kajabi include – 

  • It comes with Facebook Tracking Pixel. Through this feature, you can track your leads on Facebook by pasting ads of your course.       
  • You can understand sales reports in a trendy way with graphs and charts. This feature of Kajabi allows you to download your course sales reports in a graphical format for clearer analysis.
  • You get the most advanced landing page optimization on Kajabi. The need for having too many landing pages and confusing the learners endlessly is avoided in Kajabi. You can just search for a landing page by typing in the title.

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Playablo differs from the others in the way its services are offered. This LMS is designed especially for new-age millennials who always look for something unique when they learn.

Key features of Playablo include – 

  • It is mobile-friendly that makes it easy to access the courses on the go.
  • Gamification features that help to offer a holistic experience to the learners
  • You can also create small discussion forums on your courses that enable students to discuss with their peers and have a healthy participation in the course.
  • It is xAPI (Application Programme Interface) compliant, which helps educators to collect data from a large pool of learners and also measure their performances.

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What’s Next?

The list of LMS in India does not stop here. These are just some of the top industry leaders and there are many more platforms that can cater to your teaching needs. If you are planning to adopt Learnyst as your Learning Management System, then you can sign up directly to Learnyst and enjoy a 14-day free trial.

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