Top 7 Authoring tools to create amazing videos

Authoring tools are the key to video lessons creation. A video could be animation or a screencast or explanations recorded on webcam or even video presentations. If you want to capture more audience to your online course, your videos have to be not just good but the great ones. Pick up an Authoring tools that suit your need.  I have tried to make your job simple by listing out some of the best authoring tools to create amazing videos. Have a look.

So, here is my list of Authoring tools just for you…

1. BB FlashBack

BB FlashBack is a Windows-based screen recording program, distributed by Blueberry Software.You can add text effects, cut and paste movie footage and edit mouse movements. You can export the screen recordings to Flash, AVI, WMV, PPT or EXE formats. A PowerPoint plug-in is also deployed with the program’s installer.

It has got some cool features like,

  • To enable localization of movies.
  • Magnifier effect to enlarge parts of the movie.
  • Password protection for recordings you want to keep secure.
  • Dedicated online video sharing website –FlashBack Connect, with customization options for marketing/branding your movie pages.
  • Team License option to eliminate the need to buy multiple licenses in an organization.
  • WebCam Recording – Make an appearance with a picture-in-picture webcam recording.
  • On one click, BB FlashBack records from the webcam while it records the screen.
  • Record a commentary at the same time as the screen.
  • It’s easy to record the microphone, PC speakers or other sources.

2. Camtasia

Camtesia is a powerful and easy-to-use too. Camtasia helps you create professional videos without having to be a professional. One can easily record on-screen activity or import HD camera video, customize and edit content, and share their videos with viewers on almost any device. Both Camtasia Studio and Camtasia for MC are embedded in HTML.
Camtasia PC Editing (1)

Screen Recording

Capture smooth, high-quality videos with Camtasia’s world-class screen recorder. Record a window, region, or your entire screen with just a click.

Mobile Video

TechSmith Fuse, our free mobile app, makes it easy for you to get photos and videos from your mobile device straight to Camtasia for editing.

Video Customization

Personalize your videos by recording webcam video or importing existing videos. Add photos, music, and more to create unique videos that stand out.

If you are into video editing and want to know about the best softwares, check the link on the best video editing softwares in 2020

3. MediaCore Capture

MediaCore capture is a Chrome plugin which has simple screen capture and webcam recording feature to easily create, save and share screencasts.

Record your screen and webcam

You can capture anything on your screen — including your web browser, applications, and desktop — or record video straight from your webcam. MediaCore Capture also makes it easy to overlay video from your webcam on a screencast recording — perfect for recording presentations, assignments, and demos.

Download, save and share screencasts and webcam recordings
Download and save your recordings straight to your PC to edit in a dedicated video editor, or share publicly on YouTube, Vimeo, and other popular video sharing sites. Users of the MediaCore Video Platform can also easily upload and share their recordings directly to their institution’s MediaCore library.

MediaCore Capture for Chrome is a powerful screen recording and screen capture tool that is also compatible with USB webcams and microphones, making it easy to create even higher quality screencasts and video recordings.

Securely share educational video with MediaCore

Privacy, security, and copyright are important factors in a content creation and MediaCore gives instructors easy tools to assign appropriate content licenses and restrictions on who can access media. Institutions can also use existing cameras and microphones with Capture for Chrome to take capture beyond the basic screen and webcam recording.


MediaCore Capture is compatible with Google Chrome on Windows PCs, Macs, Linux, and Google Chromebooks.

MediaCore Capture is free to install and use to record and save screencasts and webcam recordings. Note: To share video using the MediaCore Video Platform, users will require access to a MediaCore Library.

 4. Tinytake

TinyTake is a free screen capture & video recording software for Microsoft Windows & Mac. With TinyTake, you can capture images and videos of your computer screen, add comments and share them with others in minutes.  TinyTake is built by MangoApps and is available for free.

Some of the key features for videos are

Record a video of your screen (up to 120 minutes)
Record a video using your webcam
Capture a region, a window or entire screen
Store screenshots & videos in the cloud
Share a link to the stored screenshot & video

Capture and Annotate Videos

Record what you are doing on your computer screen. Select any window or region that you would like to record, and TinyTake will capture everything that happens in that area. From simple mouse movements to adding voice to the video, TinyTake records everything you see and do. TinyTake videos can be from five minutes to 2 hours allowing you to do both instant, focused communication and full help videos.

Markup your screenshot with shapes and arrows

Key Features

Capture videos from selected region and webcam up to 120 minutes. You can even drag and drop any picture from your local drive.

Most convenient tool for annotating videos for product reviews, demos, fault or bug reporting.

Easily annotate the videos, move the annotations on the video frame to point a part of the video. Determine when you want the annotation to appear by using the “Start” and “End” settings.

All video annotations are saved locally as projects as well. You can reopen from the main window to re-annotate.

 5. Sprites – Create video infographics

Sprites is a free web-based authoring tool for creating beautiful, animated infographics
With Sprite, you can convert your entire infographic into a video in just a couple of clicks. You can also optionally specify an audio file. Like adding a music or narration. Download your video and share it with your audience.
Watch the video and know how to make video infographics on Sprites. You can also find many example videos on their website.

6. Wevideo – Cloud-based collaborative video creation platform

Final among my list of authoring tools is, Wevideo. It is a cloud-based collaborative video creation platform for  apps on iOS and Android in just a few taps.

You can upload video files once and access them when you want them.  Search, sort, and filter your personal media library. Any kind of video, be it a family reunion video on Facebook or your product demo video on twitter to get more visibility for your business. It’s easy to share your finished video to social networks, embed on your website or download to your computer.


7. Opentest

Screen recorder tool through which you can record screen, mic and camera seamlessly. You can download recorded video and upload anywhere you like.

You can use the Opentest to capture your lessons which can typically contain screen capture of powerpoint slides. Once you are done with video editing you can upload video as well as powerpoint. Also, students can go through video first time and run through slides during revision.

Get started and all the best with your video creation. Comment and share with us your experience.

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