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7 Simple Steps to create an online course

7 Simple Steps to create an online course 1.Choosing a course topic Analysis of idea 3.Create an outline of course 4.Gathering required tools to make a course 5.Create content for course 6.Launch a course 7.Marketing of a course

Many of you have thought about creating an online course at some point in time. The only hurdle you have faced most likely is how to create an online course?

Don’t worry, In this post, you are going to learn how to create an online course in 7 simple steps. Let’s overcome this hurdle and create your own first online course.

7 steps to create an online course

Choosing a course topic

Before you start anything randomly, just choose what topic you are going to make a course. A topic might be anything for your course, but it should be in your expertise.

You can also share your knowledge or a special skill where your expert. Where you can share your expertise in cooking, might be a chess champion or maths professor.

Just the topic where you can tell yourself as an expert.

Analysis of idea

Once you have selected a topic, then you need to do some analysis of the topic.

Like on what you are going to make a course from the topic?

You can make a course on solving problems that are faced by the students from the topic or teaching something new from the topic. But how to choose what course needs to be made from the topic?

For this, you need to do some analysis, here are some tips for analysis of the idea:-

  • Join communities or groups that are related to the topic and check what are the difficulties faced by its members.
  • Check out others’ course comments which are related to the topic and what are the problems that their students commented on.
  • Have a look at the forums and check out the queries of the students.
  • Interacting personally with students and knowing what they want to learn from you?

By following these tips you can find out what you need to make a course from the topic.

Create an outline of the course

Once you have selected what course you need to make, now you are here to create an outline of the course.

An outline is a curriculum of your course like what you are going to teach in your course. It is like paperwork that you’re going to include in your course.

My suggestion is to start with a simple and small course. Don’t jump into teaching the full in-depth course if you are starting with your first course.

Gathering the required tools to make a course

Now you have an entire course outline, now you know what you are going to include in your course.

As per the course outline you need to gather the required tools which are needed to make your course. Like screen recorder software, camera, etc.

Just list out what are things that are needed to make your online course which can be software, hardware, or other things.

Example:- If you are making a course on how to become a professional chef, then the things which are needed are Kitchen appliances, a camera, a stove, etc.

Create content for the course

After gathering all the tools according to the course outline. Now you are ready to create content for your course.

Creating content doesn’t mean creating only videos for courses, it should also include Articles, PDFs, Workshops, and quizzes, and if you want then you can add live classes.

Remember one thing “Content is king”

Great content means what you’re teaching in the course is relevant to the student’s expectations. It is all about solving your student’s problems with your course.

Launch a course

Well, now you have created content for your first course, that’s great work. But it is not yet completed there.

Now you have to choose which platform is more suitable for your course and how should you price it.

let’s find out the most suitable platform for your course, here are some points to keep in mind before choosing the platform to launch the course:-

  • If this is your first online course then go for Youtube or Udemy because you need to find new students and build your student base from scratch.
  • If you have already a student base go with Learnyst because you can create your own branded online academy with all your courses.

Choose the platform based on your student base. If you want to create your own branded online academy then go with Learnyst.

Here are some simple tips to price your course:-

  • Check prices of other’s courses that are related to your topic and get an average of all prices.
  • Analysis Size of the course and quote your price for the small course it will be low price, for an in-depth course the price will be high.
  • you can choose a price based on the demand for courses by the students.

Choosing the right platform and price is one of the toughest decisions to take. So take some time to analyze it and choose wisely.

Marketing of a course

Hola, now have launched your own online course. But it is not over yet don’t just sit down and wait for students to subscribe to your course.

Students need to know about the course that you have created a course which can help you. That is where you need to do some marketing to reach out to students.

Where marketing means helping students to find out about your course.

To market your course, you can share in social media, Forums, Groups, and communities which are related to the topic.

At last, you have to reply to all the feedback and comments from the students to improve your course.

Expect that you got an overall view of creating an online course and starting your first online course. If you have any doubts or questions feel free to drop your comments below.

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