6 App promotion templates for your landing page

Since MAY 2016 we are launching mobile apps to our customers. Following on from that, we are introducing new templates to promote their branded iOS and Android apps. Pick your inspiration from our app promotion templates and personalise to your own look.

Our designer has designed and added 6 new app promotion responsive template you can use to promote your app on website landing page. They differ greatly in theme and style, but what they all have in common is that they look great and it’s fully customizable for your unique feel, design and look. Upload your app screens, insert your own text and change the background with the easy and code free editing tools.

App Promotion templates

All templates are optimised for user experience and SEO. Get ready, explore the mobile promotion template collection and customise within minutes to match your imagination. All templates are provided with Google Play and App Store logos so edit and provide the app links.

Simple app promo

If you believe simplicity is the keynote of all elegance then this is the perfect template for you. A minimal design template to look clean on the page and it carries important information that you want to present to your visitor.

learnyst app promotion

App promo

The stylish pattern as background creates a welcoming atmosphere and to centre the attention of the viewer and conveys the message. Change of background to a vivid image gives this template a different feel.

learnyst app promotion

Tablet Promo

learnyst app promo on tab

Showcase your app tablet view with a beautiful background, this template is designed to impress your tablet audiences.

Feature promo

learnyst app promo

The best choice to display a lot of information without much clutter and give the people an informative structure.

App promo in hand

App promo in hand

With the clean layout and your app in elegant hand designed to the emphasis on the image. This template is designed to grab people attention right to the catchy message.

Android and iOS promo

A minimal design template ideal for simple designs allowing to images to stand out by uploading attractive screens of Android and iOS screens.

learnyst app promotion template

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