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5 Ways To Promote Your Online Course On YouTube For Beginner Educators

As a new educator, you may not have tons of followers or subscribers on YouTube. And that’s alright. You don’t need that many followers to be successful with your course promotion efforts. Here’s how to promote your course even with that limitation. Having followers doesn’t translate to success. If you publish videos to sell on…

As a new educator, you may not have tons of followers or subscribers on YouTube. And that’s alright. You don’t need that many followers to be successful with your course promotion efforts.

Here’s how to promote your course even with that limitation.

Having followers doesn’t translate to success. If you publish videos to sell on the platform, you may not be successful.

YouTube is an excellent platform that allows you to market your product or service. However, it’s not ideal to monetize there directly.

To earn money on YouTube you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4 thousand of hours content in the last 12 months

That means YouTube should watch 11 hours of videos watcher per day.

That’s not all. Growth on YouTube is generally slow. 

But first,

How to Ensure Your YouTube Content Drives Traffic Back to Your Course Site

To make sure the content you share on YouTube drives traffic back to your site here’s all that you must do.

Otherwise, you won’t get the results you are looking for.

Follow these steps.

  • Include a clear call to action button in the CTA along with a description that encourages viewers to visit your site to get more information. You can end with something like— check our site for more content.
  • Use end screens that allow you to send viewers to particular URLs, to call-to-action buttons, and to new videos.
  • Create a compelling message about the value of the content you create and how that benefits your audience.
  • Integrate your brand well both visually and vocally


  • Use keywords: Choose keywords that boast a decent search volume.
  • Choose keywords with a good number of searches per month that are not too difficult to rank.
  • Use keywords inside video titles: The ideal title for a YouTube video is between 6 to 8 words in length and includes the keyword you want to use.
  • Use your keywords in your descriptions: Use keywords to optimize your video description. Add call-to-action buttons to landing pages, to social media channels, and more sites

Establish Channel Authority

Create a channel and post videos to it regularly.

Then increase the subscribers to your channel by creating tons of useful content

Using the same visual identity each time to reinforce the brna

Add sections with lots of relevant information and use effective keywords

Create Your Community

As you begin to publish lots more content with great consistency you will get more and more subscribers and your courses on Youtube will get instant views as soon as you upload them.

The more content you add, the more views you get and the fast your online community will grow.

Selling online courses to success needs lots of patience and hard work but will give you the results you want. In the first few months focus on developing a community and creating content to that end.

Promote Online Courses On YouTube

By providing online Courses on YouTube the goal should be to promote your content, increase viewer interest and send traffic to your site.

Focus on creating informative videos that offer value to your audience online.

Here are the steps to take.

1. Teasers and Previews

Teasers are the appetizer that shows what’s more to come. Teasers are usually created to tease your actual content to viewers and create anticipation. They are a maximum of a minute in length and designed to build up expectations and showcase some of the course material you have in development.

Teasers usually mix different scenes and dialogs from the original video. While a preview is a chosen scene of the episode the way it really is.

Teasers and previews are types of videos that are used to promote your online course on YouTube. A good teaser isn’t everyone’s forte. So you can always hire marketing specialists or freelancers to create good teasers.

The next video types are also used to promote your course and help develop your brand authority.

2. Create Product Reviews

Create good videos that both analyze and evaluate existing products and services in your niche using YouTube analytics.

For example, a YouTuber Thomas Frank reviews books and gives tips to college students He is an authority on the said subject, and it’s his name that pops up when someone looks for professional book writers reviews on YouTube. This content gives you additional opportunities to come before people who are searching for things online.

There are several creative ways to do product reviews. A channel called What’s Inside breaks up everyday items to show what they are made of. They have broken apart Nike shoes, grinders, iPhones, and more.

Think of how you can creatively present something and then create those videos. 

However, get ready for a high number of customer inquiries as potential customers always have questions after watching a good product review. In this case, it’s a good idea to rely on a virtual phone system or a landline phone service to solve all customer questions via phone.

3. Reviews of Specialists

In much the same way that you review books, you can review product development company and services. Provide expert advice on matters in your area of expertise to establish both credibility and high levels of authority.

This comes off as how-to videos.

You may have seen plenty of YouTubers creating makeup videos and tutorials to give advice on makeup and beauty.

This is a great way to get discovered while also adding credibility to your name and appearing as an expert in some particular area.

Another thing to do is invite readers and experts to give testimonials about your product on your YouTube channel.

These videos extend the credibility of your brand and attract a new audience.

4. Events

These videos can be anything ranging from live events in Tulum to online workshops or even discussion boards.

Gordon Ramsay promotes his business on YouTube sharing videos of recipes, cooking tips, shows, and other events.

The best thing about event videos is they show others interacting and engaging with your brand. This interaction is often difficult to recreate with other kinds of videos.

5. Free Content

The question to ask yourself is: If you should publish any of your courses for free on YouTube? Will that be a smart strategy?

The best way to sell paid content is by offering some content for free as it’s one of the best content strategies for lead generation. Chances are people love the free content, so they are going to buy the paid course too.

However, you should differentiate by telling that the paid videos are for sale on your site.

Ensure that the videos add value to customers and that the paid content offers even more value.


What do you think of these five steps to promote your course on YouTube and drive major revenue from the channel? Do let us know in the comments below.

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